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Costa Rican Classroom Experience!

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By: Meredith Evridge | Posted on: 20 Apr 2016


“I could not be more satisfied with my TEFL placement in Costa Rica! I am happy that I have had the opportunity to dive into another culture and have a mixture of classroom time and “pura vida” beach time.

I was picked up in San Jose on April 3rd by a shuttle service that delivered me right to my front door in Santa Teresa. I knew just enough Spanish to find the right shuttle, and I left the rest in the hands of the driver. It was a scenic drive with an hour ferry ride. Arriving at the program (the school/hostel), I got a quick rundown of where I would stay, my schedule for the week, and how to get to the beach. Proyecto is a really cool house made up of about seven rooms, a kitchen, a classroom, and a little rancho area outside that you can use for relaxing, homework, or working out. Some rooms are used by the TEFL teachers, some are used for the surf instructors that live here, and some are available for travelers that need a place to stay for a few nights. It is a busy, cheerful atmosphere. The town of Santa Teresa is just outside of the gate, with the supermarket right down the road, and the beach access in the other direction.

So far, I have had two weeks of instruction with the teachers here, Kerri and Jacqueline. I have one classmate. These classes last between an hour and three hours a day. We have refreshed our knowledge of the English language, talked about different methods of teaching, and occasionally get sidetracked by random stories that pop into our heads. It has been just the right balance of slowly transitioning back into being in a classroom atmosphere, and high quality instruction. Sometimes we have homework but I wouldn’t say any of it has been stressful or strenuous.

Kerri and Jacq do a great job giving my classmate and me more and more responsibility. We have gotten to observe classes they teach, and this week we begin to teach by ourselves. The students are eager to learn and it has been nice getting to know them before we start taking over the classroom.

With all that said, I have had a lot of free time to explore Santa Teresa and beach it up every day. I will have a surf lesson this week. I am so happy to be here, and so happy with how it turned out. I have a lot of support here for someone that just showed up in a foreign country. I have enjoyed hanging out with the locals and with the travelers. Global Nomadic has been excellent with staying in touch and making sure things are going smoothly!

In  just two weeks, I will be a certified TEFL teacher. I will begin to look for jobs this week. For updates on Instagram, look me up (Meredith Evridge).”

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Meredith Evridge
Posted on: 20 Apr 2016