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Getting my TEFL in Costa Rica

Kiley Stevens - TEFL Training & Paid Teaching in Costa Rica

By: Kiley Stevens | Posted on: 08 Sep 2016


“From the moment I left Newark Airport on Easter Sunday, I was filled with excitement. When I arrived in San Jose, I waited outside Malinche Restaurant for the shuttle. Though the shuttle was supposed to arrive at 2, it was closer to 2:30 when it finally arrived. The shuttle ride to the ferry in Puntarenas was exciting, winding through beautiful backroads surrounded by mountains and luscious greenery. The ferry ride was absolutely beautiful. I made friends with an Aussie, who had been teaching English in Guatemala, and an American, who does social work in war-ridden countries. It was nice to enjoy a beer as we all watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean on our ferry ride to Paquera.

Upon arriving in Paquera, our shuttle was waiting for us. It was dark by this time, but I was so excited to get to the project HQ that I had my eyes glued to the window the entire time. When I arrived here, all of the people who were staying there were lounging out in our rancho, a little porch with many hammocks, drinking beer. We immediately hit it off, and ever since then, it’s been gravy! My TEFL classes started the next day, with Kerri, who is an incredible instructor and an even more incredible person. I have learned so much in these last three weeks, and cannot believe I will be graduating from the program in just under a week. I am incredibly excited to start my volunteer teaching in Costa Rica. Since being here, in addition to learning how to teach English, I have learned how to surf, tried many delicious local foods, and gotten a taste of the night life here. Reggae night at La Lora is always a great time. The hardest adjustment, in my opinion, has been being away from my family, but with the help of modern technology, I get to FaceTime with my mom, dad, sister and nephews on a regular basis.

Without the help of Global Nomadic, this couldn’t have been possible. So thank you for all you have done, and thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime. As we say in Costa Rica, Pura Vida!”

TEFL Training and Paid Teaching in Costa Rica


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Kiley Stevens

Kiley Stevens
Posted on: 08 Sep 2016