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By: Renee Abrams | Posted on: 02 Oct 2016


“My time in Costa Rica is going by so fast! Hard to believe I’ve been here for two weeks already. Since my first day at Proyecto Santa Teresa, I’ve felt a sense of home. The work Proyecto is doing in the community makes everyone attached to the project feel more like a resident than a tourist. Kerri and Bill have created a beautiful and warm place to welcome learners of all kinds – life, surfing, Spanish, English, and of course, TEFL.

The TEFL course itself has been quite challenging. We learn English during the day and teach English at night. It feels odd to say I must “learn English” but I’m becoming so aware of the fact that I never learned the “rules” of my native language! I simply acquired the ability to speak and the tools to read and write. However, the students we teach are past the stage of pure acquisition and need all of the rules and guidelines laid out in a clear and concise manner. Kerri and Jacquelyn have been such great teachers! Initially, I was a little overwhelmed. Then that feeling turned into excitement as I started to understand the concepts and methodologies more and more. Then, excitement turned to sheer terror when I found out I was going to teach my first class just one week after starting our coursework! Jacquelyn helped me prepare my lesson plan and even let me do a dry run of my class with her. At the start of my first English class, I was still nervous but felt well equipped and was confident I could teach my students the material in a comprehensible manner.

I had a few newbie moments but, overall, my class went great! My students learned the lesson objectives and we had a good time, too! I teach again this week and I’m going into this lesson with a little more knowledge, a little more confidence, and a few less nerves. Pura Vida!”

TEFL Training & Teaching in Costa Rica


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Renee Abrams

Renee Abrams
Posted on: 02 Oct 2016