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Japan: Otaki Internship Experience

Nagano, Japan


Location: Nagano, Japan

Duration: Minimum 1 week

Start Dates: Project is on-going, and you can join at any time, depending upon availability. Placements start each Monday

Cost: €750 Euros per week – see Costs section for more details

Includes: all food, accommodation, airport pickup, orientation and all project related activities

Does not Include: flights, travel insurance, visas and vaccinations


  • An opportunity to immerse yourself in nature in a remarkable location
  • Lots of time to enjoy numerous nature activities
  • Friendly, inspiring residents
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This extraordinary placement enables you to experience life surrounded by breathtaking nature. Perfect for those who love the great outdoors, this experience is sure to be unforgettable.
Located in Otaki, Japan, you will spend the majority of your time hiking, camping, caring for horses and exploring the natural wonders of this incredible area. The mountain village links to a picturesque waterfall and lake and its locals are some of the warmest and friendliest people you will come across.

Whichever time of year you choose to visit, there is always plenty to see and do. In the winter, you can take part in skiing, snowboarding and mountain hiking. In the summer, you can kick back with a refreshing bevvy, head off on a horse riding tour, hike and camp out under the stars.
One of the best things about this placement is you get to learn new things while having an amazing time. You will help with tasks in the camping site, horse riding centre and the noodle soup restaurant. You’ll be fully immersed in nature, while also getting to know the extraordinary locals.

This isn’t a project for those who prefer to enjoy a more luxurious trip. You’ll be really getting back to basics, experiencing a more simplistic life. It is an enriching and valuable experience that you’ll want to do year after year. Many interns choose to come back to this unique and beautiful part of Japan.

By the end of the placement, you will have a much greater appreciation for nature. You will also have expanded your cultural knowledge and learnt new skills which you can use back home. This internship experience offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Daily Life

The placement runs from Monday to Friday and your daily tasks will depend upon the time of year you visit. The weather will very much determine the activities you can partake in.

A typical day would consist of having breakfast before carrying out various tasks in accordance with the internship. This could include working in the camping site, horse riding centre or the on-site restaurant. Then, after lunch you’ll continue to work on necessary tasks in any of the designated sites before stopping for dinner.

On Fridays, all participants also need to complete weekly program evaluations in the evening. Besides this, you will have the evenings to spend however you like. If you are staying for more than one week, you could use the weekend to enjoy all of the nature activities the site has to offer.

Book with Confidence

Travel and Accommodation

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed and picked up from the airport, before being taken to your accommodation.

Your time in the Nagano Prefecture of Japan will be spent in a small village, amid spectacular mountains, with just about 800 residents. Otaki is wonderland of nature that hosts many guests, especially during the winter months when there is a nice coat of snow on Mt. Ontake. Japans second highest volcano not only is home to a ski resort, but also attracts many spiritual groups and forms of Buddhism. Mt. Ontake is surrounded by an array of different shrines and sacred places and a popular destination for pilgrims.

While in Otaki, Nagano, Japan you will be staying in a local Homestay or our participant accommodation 10-25 minutes outside of the village by car.

Weekdays you will enjoy three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two on weekends, during your homestay. Meals will be local cuisine and you can expect that they will include rice and vegetables.

Fundraising Help


  • Minimum age 18
  • Passion and enthusiasm in conservation
  •  Ability to work within a team environment
  • Minimum 1 week commitment
  • Good English skills
  • CRB Police check (or equivalent) showing that you have no previous criminal convictions
  • Necessary vaccinations
  • Necessary flight & visas
  • Full travel & medical insurance. Full assistance will be provided in getting everything you will need ready if you choose our Placement Support Package.
Premium Support Upgrade


€750 Euros per week

* Check the latest currency conversions with xe.com
** All payments incur a 5% bank transfer fee
*** Placements are confirmed with a 1 week deposit

What’s Included:

Project Fee includes food, accommodation, airport pickup, orientation, in-country support and project activities.

Private rooms are available for an additional €100 per week.

What’s not included:

Flights, insurance, visas (if applicable) and vaccinations. Full assistance will be provided in getting all these arranged if you choose our Premium Support.

Premium Support Upgrade

We understand there’s a great deal to plan and organise for your trip. When booking a Placement, many of our participants choose to purchase our Premium Support Upgrade to benefit from the expertise, knowledge and experience of our Project Coordinators.

We can provide the personal advice you need to ensure your trip is organised with excellence and planned with efficiency; ensuring the very best experience possible. Read more about how we can help you.

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