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China: Language Exchange

Guilin, China


Location: Guilin, China

Duration: Minimum 1 week, maximum 6 months commitment

Start Dates: Project is on-going, and you can join at any time, depending upon availability. Placements start each Monday

Cost: €250 Euros per week – see Costs section for more details

Includes: all food, accommodation, airport pickup, orientation and all project related activities

Does not Include: flights, travel insurance, visas and vaccinations


  • Teaching placement in a Chinese school working alongside local teachers and support staff.
  • Flexible placement, tailored according to your interests and abilities.
  • Opportunity to experience the Chinese Education Sector and increase your teaching skills.
We also offer Paid Teach Abroad placements with TEFL training.


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Whether you are a teacher, or just enjoy working with children, you should consider including this project in your adventure plans.

Our teaching placements are designed to give people who are interested in pursuing a career in education their first taste of what it might be like. We also want them to provide experienced professionals with a unique experience that will help them to develop new skills, and present new opportunities in their chosen careers.

You don’t need to have any previous teaching experience to get involved with this project.

Throughout this project, you’ll be working with students at various schools; teaching English; or coaching them in Physical Education classes. We have strong relationships with several primary, and secondary schools, whose students are between 7 and 18 years old.

 Schools accept a non-formal approach to teaching; you won’t have to conform to the local teaching methods or style, and everyone will be free to bring their own ideas into class. It is important to understand that the methods of teaching are less important to us than your attitude towards the students.
The aims of this teaching placement are to help local students improve their English skills; but also to present you with the opportunity to experience a different system of education, and build partnerships with other schools, and teachers around the world.

Some of our teaching placements are only looking for unpaid volunteers, but the experiences that they offer are unique and invaluable to your career progression. New projects are cropping up all the time, so bookmark us to keep track of our future projects.

Cultural Immersion

We’ll introduce you to the other volunteers staying with us; you’ll be able to spend some time getting to know them, and our co-ordinators. You’ll go for a short tour around the local village, and see the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. In the winter months, you can pick the fruits from the trees in the local fields. In the afternoon, we’ll give you an introduction to the language, and teach you some key words and phrases.
Below is a schedule to give you an idea of what your first week will be like. It is only intended to be a rough guide; every schedule can be customised according to your choices.


The schedule below should give you an idea of what to expect on your first week in China:

Day One
We’ll introduce you to the other volunteers staying with us; you’ll be able to spend some getting to know them, and our co-ordinators. You’ll go for a short tour around the local village, and see the beautiful scenery that surrounds it. In the winter months, you can pick the fruits from the trees in the local fields. In the afternoon, we’ll give you an introduction to the language, and teach you some key words and phrases.

Day Two
The day begins with breakfast, and a briefing on the details of your adventure. You’ll visit Lianhua Town, and we’ll help you register at the local police station; it’s required that all foreigners explain where they intend to live during their stay in China.

You’ll visit the local fair, and we’ll show you where the convenience store is. Here, you’ll be able to buy any supplies you might need, and even pick up a SIM card to use with your mobile phone. In the evening, we’ll challenge you to a game of Mahjong, and teach you about Chinese numbers.

Day Three
Breakfast today will be a little special. We’ll provide a traditional Chinese breakfast, with Gongcheng You Cha; a special local tea. We’ll introduce you to the tea ceremony, and show you how to prepare it in the traditional way.

You’ll visit the village of Hengshan, where you can climb the amazing tower, and take in the spectacular views. There is a traditional well here too, so you’ll get an idea of how local people used to live.

In the evening, there’ll be a special cooking and language class. We’ll teach you the words and phrases you’ll need to go to the market and buy the ingredients. Once you have gathered your supplies, we’ll help you to cook your own dinner. We won’t force you to eat it!

Day Four
Your day will start with another language lesson, and a discussion about your cultural experiences so far. You’ll have the chance to do some origami, and try your hand at Chinese calligraphy.

In the afternoon, you’ll visit Hongyan Village, where you can enjoy a relaxing walk among the forest of fruit trees. You might choose to walk to the Fengyu bridge to enjoy the architecture; or row a boat along the beautiful river.

Day Five
After another language class in the morning, you’ll have lunch in Gongcheng County, where you can try the local food. You’ll visit a primary school, and be introduced to the Chinese education system. Later on, you’ll have the chance to visit a Confucian temple, and a Guangong temple in Gongcheng Town. There’s also a beautiful river here that you can walk along.

Day Six, and Seven
We’ll finish the week with some group discussions, and you’ll get a chance to share your experiences with your fellow adventurers. After that, you’re free to enjoy your weekend however you choose.

Book with Confidence

Daily Life

You’ll be expected to teach up to three hours a day, from Monday to Friday. Your timetable will be flexible; it’ll include plenty of time for you to plan, and prepare lessons; reflect, and evaluate on your work so far; and compare your experiences with other members of staff.

Bringing gifts to share with students, and staff members is often a great way to break the ice on your first day. In our experience, students are less interested in toys, but pictures of your family, home, or pet are always well received.

Chinese schools break for holidays from the middle of July to the end of August; and from the middle of February until March. During such times special classes and English camps are often arranged. If your adventure is taking place at these times, we could arrange for you to be involved with some English camps, and enjoy some seasonal festivities.

Fundraising Help

Travel & Accom.

You will be met at Guilin airport and taken to the project location by bus.

We want to do everything to make your stay here comfortable and exciting. You will be staying together in shared dormitories at the centre in Fengyan Village. You should expect to eat traditional Chinese food, but there will be plenty of variety for you to choose from. Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements, or allergies before you arrive, and we’ll make sure there’s plenty for you to eat.

There is a bar at the centre, where you can relax, and enjoy food and drink in a unique Chinese atmosphere.

The centre can provide you with free internet access on our wireless network, so feel free to bring your laptop with you. You’ll be able to hand wash your clothes at no charge, or we can provide a laundry service at a small additional cost.

You’ll be expected to clean up after yourselves, and play a part in keeping the centre tidy.

Our co-ordinators are here to help you, and make you feel comfortable. They’ll be glad to share their local knowledge with you, and help you to find anything you might need during your stay, like money, or transport; all you’ll have to do is ask.

Premium Support Upgrade


  • Minimum age 18.
  • Passion and enthusiasm for working with children, lots of energy and creativity.
  • No previous skills are necessary, however you will need to speak English at a native or near-native level.
  • Minimum 1 week commitment – 30+ hours a week
  • Necessary vaccinations.
  • Necessary flight & visas.
  • Full travel & medical insurance. Please see our info pages for more information and to get a quote.


€250 Euros per week

* Check the latest currency conversions with xe.com
** All payments incur a 5% bank transfer fee.
*** Placements are confirmed with a 1 week deposit

What’s Included:

Project Fee includes food, accommodation, airport pickup, orientation, in-country support and project activities.

Private rooms are available for an additional €100 per week.

What’s not included:

Flights, insurance, visas (if applicable) and vaccinations. Full assistance will be provided in getting all these arranged if you choose our Premium Support.

Premium Support Upgrade

We understand there’s a great deal to plan and organise for your trip. When booking a Placement, many of our participants choose to purchase our Premium Support Upgrade to benefit from the expertise, knowledge and experience of our Project Coordinators.

We can provide the personal advice you need to ensure your trip is organised with excellence and planned with efficiency; ensuring the very best experience possible. Read more about how we can help you.

Note: Map coordinates are approximate

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