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6 Ways To Advance Your Career As A Dentist

As a dentist, your job is essential to people’s well-being. Your dream is to advance your career and become famous within your field. However, achieving this would involve having a clear plan and strategy. This article shares ways you can accomplish the feat.

  1. Consider Externships

In an externship, you get to be a shadow of a respected industry professional. You get to be an understudy who observes the said professional’s practices, ethics, and methodology. This could be a beneficial way to boost yourself as a dentist because it opens you up to opportunities to meet people above you on the ladder of your profession. You get the chance to learn from them and make connections that can prove helpful in the future. If you want to find out more about externships, you can read this article published here

  1. Go On Internships

Internships are another opportunity you should consider as these can offer you the chance to work under the supervision of an expert in the dentistry field. Through internships, you can gather experience and earn while you learn. Internships are recommended for dentists due to the shortage of dentists worldwide.

Going on an internship has the support of governments around the world. Internships would give you the exposure that you may never get otherwise. You’d also get a particular pay as you do your job.

  1. Take A Management Or Leadership Course

Part of advancing your career as a dentist may involve going private. If you plan on doing this, you should consider taking a course in management. This would help you run your dental firm most optimally. You’ll learn the necessary skills to be a leader and a manager, making it possible to be the best in your practice.

  1. Get Involved With Volunteer Work

There are tons of opportunities for visibility if you volunteer your services as a dentist. There are government agencies that need volunteers. Many NGOs also require such services. Sometimes, you can be lucky to do some good networking. The only low side of volunteering is that there’s likely no payment for volunteers. You can always find volunteer work online on this site.

  1. Choose A Specialty

Another way you can advance your career in dentistry is to choose an area of specialty. Making such a decision helps you stand out in your field. There are numerous benefits to specializing. You become more proficient in a particular area of your field. Also, it gives you an advantage over other regular dentists. It also would offer you visibility.

In dentistry, there are a few areas of specialty you can consider. Each of these areas handles a special aspect of dental health. Some examples are described below:

  • Orthodontists specialize in offering treatment for the teeth. They observe the patient’s mouth and medical records to develop a treatment plan. Some orthodontists can treat jaw issues and fix braces to straighten the teeth. Becoming an orthodontist will require an additional three years of training. Certification is also required. 
  • Prosthodontists handle issues with missing teeth. They can place permanent fixtures in the mouth. They can also place full or partial dentures. Some prosthodontists deal with people who have injuries while others deal with people having congenital disabilities. Getting a certification in this specialty area would require a maximum of three years of additional training. 
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform oral-related operations that might arise due to defects in the oral cavity. To be qualified for this, one must have up to six years of residency after completing the regular dental degree. 
  • Medical scientists are interested in research around the mouth and oral health. These persons do tons of independent research and can get some breakthroughs in oral health. To be a specialist in this area, you must have completed a Ph.D.

These are the significant areas of specialty in dentistry. You can choose the one which appeals to you and start working on becoming a specialist.

  1. Consider Lecturing

While some people may not consider this an option, it could be lucrative. If you focus on lecturing, you can become an authority in your field with years of experience teaching people how to be proper dentists. Also, being within the educational system can keep you abreast of the developments in your field.


Making the best of the opportunities available in your field is essential. If you want to advance your career as a dentist, these can be clear pointers to help you. Start working on them today, and the sky would be your only limit.

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