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Cambodia: TEFL Course & English Teaching

Various location, Cambodia


Location: Training is on Koh Samui, Thailand. You will then be placed as a paid teacher at a choice of various locations in Cambodia.

Duration: Training lasts 4 weeks, 120 hours of TEFL training, including in-class training in local schools. Teaching placements are minimum 1 school year.

Cost: 48,000 THB (approx. $1,550 USD). See ‘Costs’ tab for further details

Salary: $1,000-1,200 USD per month depending on location and experience.

Start Dates: 
2021: TBC


  • Gain your TEFL Certificate in a Thai island paradise, including classroom experience and certification, then get placed as a paid teacher in Cambodia.
  • No University degree required
  • Internationally accredited certificate, respected and recognized across the world.
  • Guaranteed paid placement at the end of your training (native speakers only).
  • Full assistance provided throughout your placement.
  • International teaching experience working with adults and children.
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You’ve taken the first step in an adventure that will change your life, as well as those of others! Teaching English as a foreign language is a rewarding experience, and a fulfilling way to discover another part of the world, as well as a new culture. Studying and working abroad is also a great achievement that you can proudly list on your CV/resumé. Cambodia is the ONLY country in SE Asia where you can legally work as a teacher without a degree, so if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, this program is for you! Degree holders are welcome to apply too.

This program offers the best of two worlds – spend a month on Koh Samui, a tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand, learning from highly qualified trainers, while exploring all the island has to offer with your classmates in your down time.

Then… move on to the beautiful neighbouring country of Cambodia, with its famous Angkor Wat temple and the Mighty Mekong River. Most of our jobs are located in the vibrant capital of Phnom Penh, and this is where our support base is.


The training programme has start dates throughout the year, with a summer and Christmas break. The Cambodian school system operates two 5-month terms, with school holidays in April and October, however it is possible to find teaching placements throughout the years as there is a huge demand in Cambodia for English teachers.

The four-week course is designed to arm you with the skills and knowledge needed for an excellent career as a TEFL teacher, with an emphasis towards working with Asian learners. As a native English speaker, you will also get to find out first hand what learning a different language might be like, as your course will include foreign language elements. The training also includes real classroom experience in local schools and businesses, providing the perfect opportunity to prepare for your teaching placement. If your course takes place during the Cambodian school holidays, the in-class teaching will be offered as summer language camps for local kids (and adults!).

During your course, you will also touch upon necessary knowledge to tackle life in Cambodia, learning about Cambodian culture, customs and traditions – with all its fascinating aspects.

It is important to remember you will be living and working in a culture that is very different to what you are used to and learning to anticipate what to expect in any given situation will greatly help you adjust to your new adventure.

Your course will also include time-management skills, to help you best plan out you working week once you start your teaching career.

Throughout the course, you will be set tasks, assignments and test, which will lead to a cumulative degree, included in your certificate. At the end of your training you will also receive a letter of recommendation as well as a personal assessment of the skills you have mastered during the course.

Book with Confidence


Teaching placements are available in numerous locations all over Cambodia, including rural and urban areas. During your training, interviews with prospective employers will be held via Skype or phone. You can state your preference for location and school, however you will need to be flexible, as ultimately, it is up to each school to make the decision. Teachers with a university degree and previous experience may have greater choice in placements.

During your placement you should expect to work a normal 40-hour week, Monday to Friday, with approximately 20 hours of teaching. Teachers in Cambodia are accorded a great deal of respect and you will be expected to behave in a manner befitting this level of respect. You will need to dress and behave appropriately at all times. During your training course, you will be given tips and pointers how best to target your CV/resume to the market as well as interview preparation.

Salaries in Cambodia: average $1000-1200 USD. Tax is 7-8% about $80/month. Free health care with a NSSF card supplied by the school. 18 days paid leave per year plus all public holidays
paid. 6 paid sick days per year.

Fundraising Help

Travel & Accom.

Upon arrival in on Koh Samui, Thailand, you will be met at the local airport by a program representative and taken to your training location and accommodations.

During your training, accommodation is available in beach-front bungalows close to the training centre. You can stay in a nearby hostel for 8,000 THB, with more private and expensive options also available. Discuss with us when applying.

During your teaching placement, you will have a large choice of where to stay, ranging from basic to luxury apartments, costs range from $150-400 USD p/m + one month’s deposit.

Premium Support Upgrade


  • Minimum age 20. No upper age limit applies, though certain employers may impose this, especially if working with young children.
  • Teaching placements are guaranteed for native English speakers only (UK, Ireland, US, Canada, Aus, NZ and SA).
  • No University degree needed.
  • Willingness to dress and behave appropriately both in training and during your placement.
  • CRB Police check (or equivalent) showing that you have no previous criminal convictions
  • Minimum 20 hours of teaching per week, Monday through Friday.
  • Willingness to adhere to and respect local Thai customs and traditions.
  • Necessary vaccinations.
  • Necessary flights & visas. Initial one month business visa (paperwork sent while you are on Samui) 35USD. Then one year business visa (no border runs required) $300USD p/y. Sometimes paid for by the school, but not always so budget for this at $188 USD p/y.
  • Full travel & medical insurance.


Full 4 week course

$1375 USD / £1100 GBP Project Fee**.

1 week course

$530 USD / £400 GBP Project Fee

* Placements are secured through a non-refundable 30% deposit on the project fee.
** Currency conversions are approximate.
***All payments incur a 5% bank transfer fee.


Depending on your background and previous experience as well as location of your teaching placement, you can expect to earn around $900 USD/£700 GBP (฿30.000 THB) per month. Many schools offer accommodation as part of your salary package.

What’s included:

The Project Fee includes full 120 hour TEFL training course and certification (unless you are taking the 1 week course), airport pick-up, welcome package (including stationary, teaching materials, loan of mobile phone) & 24-hour support.

What’s Not included:

Flights, visas, vaccinations, insurance, food, accommodation and domestic travel are not included. Full assistance will be provided in getting all these arranged if you choose our Premium Support.

Shared accommodation is available from $350 USD (฿12.000 THB) per month. See the Accommodation tab for more details.

Premium Support Upgrade

We understand there’s a great deal to plan and organise for your trip. When booking a Placement, many of our participants choose to purchase our Premium Support Upgrade to benefit from the expertise, knowledge and experience of our Project Coordinators.

We can provide the personal advice you need to ensure your trip is organised with excellence and planned with efficiency; ensuring the very best experience possible. Read more about how we can help you.

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