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Getting a job in the NGO sector is easier said than done. Competition is fierce and the demand for the right kind of previous experience is high. By taking part in international NGO internships abroad, you will be setting yourself apart as the kind of employee who is truly dedicated, driven and of course – experienced. In this section we have listed the many international internships we offer, many of them are placed with both international and national NGOs, charities and small grass roots organisations. Placements are available in a wide range of fields, from human rights, journalism and medicine to animal welfare, environmental conservation and business management. Working as an international intern is also about something more than just your career – it is an opportunity to assist where help is needed most and to be a part of ground-level change. Are you ready to travel your career?

Below you can find listed all of our Intern Abroad placements, ordered by their field of focus;

If you are looking to get trained to Teach Abroad;

We also offer a wide range of Volunteer Abroad Projects.

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