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Spain: Orca Conservation Programme

near Gibraltar, Spain


Location: near Gibraltar, Spain

Duration: Minimum 1 week

Start Dates: Project runs from March to October each year.

Cost: €1000 Euros per week – see Costs section for more details

Includes: All food, accommodation, airport pickup, orientation 24/7 support and all project related activities

Does not Include: flights, travel insurance, visas and vaccinations


  • Join our conservation volunteer program to safeguard the Iberian Orca in the Strait of Gibraltar.
  • Participate in sea-based and land-based surveillance activities to monitor and protect the orca population.
  • Immerse yourself in the Costa de la Luz, exploring breathtaking beaches and the charming town of Vejer de la Frontera.
  • Experience Spanish culture and contribute to whale and dolphin conservation efforts through data collection, photography, and social media content creation.
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Are you passionate about marine conservation and eager to make a tangible impact? Join us in the Save the Iberian Orca conservation project based in Cádiz/Strait of Gibraltar, where motivated volunteers like you play a vital role in safeguarding and protecting the Iberian Orca population.

Our conservation volunteer program offers a unique opportunity to be part of a dedicated movement aimed at preserving the critically endangered Iberian Orca population. With only approximately 35 individuals remaining, your contribution can make a real difference.

Whether you can commit to one week or twelve weeks, our program provides an immersive experience where you’ll actively participate in our surveillance campaign at sea. Your efforts will help to prevent attacks from boaters, conduct vital surveys of the Iberian Orca population, and track and analyze interactions between boats and the orcas.

Additionally, our land-based crew conducts observations from strategic locations along the coastline, further contributing to our conservation efforts.

Join us in our mission to protect and conserve the Iberian Orca population. Visit the Save the Iberian Orca website to learn more about how you can get involved and make a meaningful difference. Together, let’s ensure a brighter future for these magnificent creatures.

Daily Life

Here’s what you can expect as part of our volunteer program:

1. Onboard our 9-meter vessel: Become an integral part of our surveillance boat crew as we venture out to sea to monitor and protect the Iberian Orca population. You’ll actively contribute to our day-to-day operations, assisting in data collection and observation efforts.

2. Land-based surveillance activities: Utilize telescopes and binoculars to survey the coastline, searching for sightings of the Iberian Orca from strategic observation points along the shore. Your keen eyes and dedication will help enhance our understanding and conservation efforts.

3. Dive into the world of the Iberian Orca: Gain valuable insights into the fascinating world of whale and dolphin conservation and protection work. You’ll have the opportunity to learn about these majestic creatures and contribute to their preservation firsthand.

4. Explore Costa de la Luz: Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Costa de la Luz, with its breathtaking beaches and abundance of outdoor activities. Discover the charm of Vejer de la Frontera, hailed as one of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

5. Experience Spanish culture: Delve into the vibrant culture of Andalucia and get to know the cheerful people of the region. From sampling delicious local cuisine to immersing yourself in the rich history and traditions, there’s so much to discover.

During the program, you’ll be actively involved in various tasks, including:

– Assisting the surveillance boat crew and participating in land-based activities.
– Capturing photos and videos during expeditions to document our efforts.
– Filtering and classifying data collected to contribute to our research efforts.
– Creating engaging social media content to raise awareness about our conservation initiatives.

Please note: You’ll be either at sea or engaged in land-based activities every day (excluding Saturdays and Sundays, which are designated rest days) for approximately 7-8 hours. If you experience seasickness, please consider this before applying, as this program may not be suitable for you.

Book with Confidence

Travel and Accom.

You will be met at the airport and transported to the project.

You will be staying in a hostel close to the project site. The following is provided for you.

– Basic services (water, electricity, wifi, etc…).
– Toilet paper, kitchen paper, napkins,
– Cutlery and crockery
– Fully equipped kitchen
– Bed linen, towels
Fundraising Help


  • Minimum age 18
  • Passion and enthusiasm for marine conservation
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • Minimum 1 week commitment
  • Good English skills
  • Necessary vaccinations
  • Necessary flight & visas
  • Full travel & medical insurance. Full assistance will be provided in getting everything you will need ready if you choose our Placement Support Package.
Premium Support Upgrade


€1000 Euros per week, €800 euros for each week after.

* Check the latest currency conversions with
** All payments incur a 5% bank transfer fee
*** Placements are confirmed with a 15% deposit

What’s Included:

Project Fee includes;

  • Training sessions regarding cetacean species inhabiting the Strait of Gibraltar, how to document sightings, and what to do in case of harassments towards the animals
  • Training sessions on how to do land-based sightings, and how to compile corresponding documentation  
  • Housing is provided by us in one of the most beautiful towns in Spain
  • Food and drinks during working hours
  • Welcome Packages including an Iberian Orca T-shirt or Hoodie
  • Free use of car  
What’s not included:
  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Visas (if applicable) and vaccinations. Full assistance will be provided in getting all these arranged if you choose our Premium Support.
Premium Support Upgrade

We understand there’s a great deal to plan and organise for your trip. When booking a Placement, many of our participants choose to purchase our Premium Support Upgrade to benefit from the expertise, knowledge and experience of our Project Coordinators.

We can provide the personal advice you need to ensure your trip is organised with excellence and planned with efficiency; ensuring the very best experience possible. Read more about how we can help you.

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