Do I need to pay?

Yes, all our placements are unpaid* and require a fee to participate, which usually covers all food, accommodation, support and airport pickup (check each Costs section for exact details as every project is different).

A deposit is required to confirm your place, and the balance payment is usually due 4 weeks prior to your departure (depending upon the project). For example, if the total project fee is £1,000, and the deposit is £200, then the balance of £800 will be due before you go.

All placements are designed to give you the experience and contacts you need to further your career, and get paid soon in the future. Once you have a foot-in-the-door, it is usually much easier to land your dream job, by showing you have relevant experience, have the capability to get the job done and can work outside of your comfort zone. Most importantly, you will meet people already working in the field, who will be instrumental in giving advice and helping you further down the line.

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* except for Paid Teaching and Au Pair placements