Responsible Travel Policy

Our Aims;

Global Nomadic was founded in 2009, and we have sent over 1000 participants to projects in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe.. We work with various NGO’s and charities from around the world, offering serious and professional internship placements to those looking to further their career. We also offer TEFL training and paid teaching placements in 4 countries. Each project has been personally visited and vetted to ensure they meet our high standards, meaning they are reputable, worthwhile and offer an exceptional experience to our participants.

We offer full tailored pre-departure support, ongoing assistance throughout each placement, and interviewing and vetting of applicants to ensure a high quality for our projects. We are a free service for the projects we work with, but charge a flat placement fee to our clients to cover our costs and provide our services.

Economic Responsibility;

We work with select NGO’s and charities from around the world at no charge to them. We add zero commission to any of project fees paid directly to the project themselves. In addition, we often contribute to any fundraising campaigns they run on crowd funding sites, and offer a free fundraising service to our participants, helping them raise any necessary funds to enable them to participate.

All of our projects are run either by locals or ex-patriots living in the country, who employ local staff and contribute to the local economy. We do not work with any middle men, foreign owned companies or disreputable organisations. Each organisations has been carefully and personally chosen, visited and vetted.

The fees paid by our volunteers and interns often contribute directly to the continuing functioning of the projects themselves and the impact they are having on their local communities and eco systems.

Environmental Responsibility;

Global Nomadic is very environmentally conscious and aware of its footprint. As a predominantly online company, all of our literature, correspondence, marketing etc. is all done electronically. Very little is ever printed, except for perhaps posters and leaflets when we attend career fairs and student talks. It is always printed on recycled paper.

Whenever we travel to visit partners abroad, we offset our carbon footprint using various schemes – such as to plant trees or as a donation to an environmental charity.

Environmental protection is one of our core activities, as reflected by the projects which we have chosen to work with. For example we work closely with an NGO in Nicaragua which works to implement sustainable energy solutions to the rural north of the country, including construction of solar ovens, domestically produced photovoltaic solar panels, free workshops amongst many other activities. We also work with marine projects in Asia, which work hard to document species living in the area and campaign for their protection.

Respecting the environment (ie. not wasting water, littering or destruction of the environment etc.) is considered standard practice, and anyone who did not follow these basic rules would not be welcome on any of our projects. We offer full advice and guidance specific to each project, to each and every of our participants.

Environmental protection is a particularly strong issue for me personally and I have sought to direct my company to concentrate on this issue specifically, as shown by the heavy focus of our projects on environmental issues.

Social Responsibility;

We only work with local partners in the field. We have personally been to visit each of these projects to ensure that they are run well, achieve what they set out to and employ local staff. I would be very happy to discuss the details of any of the project that we work with in great detail.

All of our participants are provided with detailed pre departure support, codes of conduct and in country information, and strongly encouraged to get involved in the local culture and society. The type of person that applies through Global Nomadic, and that we would be able to accept is usually very enthusiastic about experiencing their destination country from the inside out, and not as a tourist passing through.

We expect a high standard from both our participants and our project partners.