Our vision

Global Nomadic empowers positive change by connecting people with projects

We believe real change can happen when people find life-enhancing opportunities. By empowering people to travel & explore the world, they gain new skills, developing themselves whilst making a real contribution.

We provide access to vetted, worthwhile international internships in a wide range of professional fields.

By enabling young professionals to gain experience and further their career through international work placements, we are able to support NGOs around the world to carry out their community-building work.

Global Nomadic is a trusted community marketplace connecting people with NGO projects around the world.

We offer international internships, TEFL courses and volunteer abroad placements. Since our start in 2009, we have sent 1,000+ interns, volunteers and TEFL teachers on projects and courses in 40+ countries. Whether it’s Human Rights & Social Sustainability, Environmental Conservation or Wildlife Rehabilitation, we partner with organisations making a real difference in their field.

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Michelle Scanlon – Primate Rehabilitation in Belize

Michelle Scanlon –Primate & Manatee Rehabilitation project in Belize

Star rating

Living here is like a working paradise, you get to see so much wildlife and a totally different culture while you care for amazing manatees, monkeys, and some other animals.

I can’t thank Global Nomadic enough for helping me with everything leading up to my internship and during…

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Kendra Button - Sea Turtle Research Assistant in Costa Rica

Kendra Button – In-Water Sea Turtle Protection in Costa Rica

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I would definitely recommend this project to others. The organization works hard to protect and conserve the sea turtles and nature in the area, and can always use help.

The project is doing amazing things for their sea turtle nesting beaches, and it is such a rewarding experience…

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Journalism Internship

Dashiell Young-Saver – Interviewing the President of Mongolia

Star rating

…I really enjoyed working with (my co-workers), hearing their perspectives on National issues, and having them as local friends. I feel that I shall be friends with some for life. Plus, the host family was awesome, hospitable, and unbelievably generous. It all combined to make for a meaningful and life-changing experience.

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Meet the team

Jeremy Freedman
Jeremy Freedman

Founder & CEO

My name is Jeremy, and I founded Global Nomadic in 2009. After travelling the world several times, and meeting countless NGOs along the way, we now work with 50+ organisations in 30+ countries. I have a background in International Development (see below), however I have learnt a lot about running a business in the last 7 years. It has been an incredible journey so far!

Elisabeth Gustavvson
Elisabeth Gustavsson
Marketing and Content Manager

A lifelong traveller, Elisabeth is the resident social media nerd and grammar grizzly at Global Nomadic. When not chasing cute animal pictures on the Internet, she might be found somewhere across the globe visiting our many project partners or preaching about environmental awareness as she tries to change the world, one blog post at a time. Say hello on LinkedIn or Twitter if you have ideas to share!

emilia klayn
Emilia Klayn
Programme Manager

Emi provides support and additional information whenever you need it and is thrilled to interact with the enthusiastic and motivated applicants who choose to change their lives and the world by traveling. Emi believes that one can never travel enough and is here to support you on making your travel dreams come true. 

A word from our founder

People often ask me how Global Nomadic got started and where the inspirationOn-top-of-a-mountain-cropped-vertical-500x500 came from. The short answer is that it came from a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. The long answer goes something like this.

After studying Sociology at the University of Reading in the UK I was geared up to start a postgraduate degree in international development- except, as I found out, I had just missed the cut-off marks by a few percentage points. I was frustrated (with myself mostly) that my development dreams seemed to be at a standstill, but then I decided to go the ‘experiential route,’ i.e. impulsively buying a one-way ticket to Senegal.

I arrived in the country and started literally knocking on the doors of NGOs until through an unlikely chain of events I was taken in by an organization in the Gambia. Wide-eyed and believing I could save the world I started a project to build an agricultural school in a very isolated, rural part of the country. I worked with the local community to assess how the school should be designed, wrote a number of proposals for funding, met with village leaders and slowly saw the project get off the ground. But meanwhile I was running out of money and needed to return to the UK to work for a few months. My cousin offered me a job selling door entry systems, and slowly two months turned into two years doing a very unfulfilling job.

Stuck but not defeated, I went abroad again- this time to South America. And again, after knocking on a few more doors I found an NGO job in Bolivia where I stayed for a year, long enough to be able to speak Spanish fluently and to fall in love with the continent. But again, the money ran out. Back to London, and back to school- this time I was accepted into a Masters programme in Latin American development, a fantastic learning experience that introduced me to great people. But development jobs do not exactly grow on trees, and before I knew it I was back selling door entry systems.

‘It wasn’t meant to be like this!’ I thought. And then I thought harder and harder, and realised it doesn’t have to be. Now, armed with international volunteering experience, I could help people like me get a foot in the door or further their career with solid project placements around the world; not just in development but in medicine, journalism, human rights and a number of other fields. I set up the website, registered the company, and started growing a network of high-quality project providers, many of which I have visited personally.

Not only do I save people from knocking on a million doors and banging their heads against the wall trying to find the crucial next step in their careers, I provide guidance and support while they are abroad and ensure that that they get the most out of their experience. Now that I have a job that I am truly passionate about it really is easy (and true) to say that it was all worth it.

– Jeremy Freedman | Founder

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