What we do and why we do it.

Global Nomadic empowers positive change by connecting people with life-changing projects around the globe. We provide access to trusted international internships, TEFL courses and volunteer placements. across a wide range of professional fields.

Since 2009 we have sent over 10,000 people on incredible projects in 40+ countries. Whether it’s Human Rights & Social Sustainability, Environmental Conservation or Wildlife Rehabilitation, we partner with top organisations making a real difference to the world.

WHY? We believe real change happens when people find purpose in life-enhancing opportunities. We dedicate our time to providing the opportunity for people to travel the world and develop new skills, whilst making a real contribution.

By enabling young professionals to further their career with international work placements, we are continuing to support non government organisations; uniting in the goal to invest in our future and sustain a positive world.

Meet the founder

Jeremy FreedmanPeople often ask how Global Nomadic got started and where the inspiration came from. The short answer is that it came from travelling the world looking for my own career break in Conservation. The long answer goes something like this.

After studying Sociology at the University, I was geared up to start a career in International Development. I decided to follow an experiential route and impulsively booked a one-way ticket to Senegal.

I arrived in the country and started knocking on doors of NGOs until through an unlikely chain of events, I was hired on a voluntary basis by an organisation in the Gambia. Wide-eyed and believing I could save the world, I launched a project to build an agricultural school. I worked with the local community to agree the school design, wrote funding proposals, met with village elders, and slowly saw the project get off the ground. Meanwhile I was running out of money and needed to return to the UK to work for a few months. Two months back in the UK turned into two years, as it seemed the school project was not going ahead.

Disappointed but not defeated, I went to South America. I discovered a fantastic NGO in Bolivia focussed on agricultural technology, and worked there for a year. I returned to London to complete a Masters in Latin American Development, to expand my knowledge and skills and create greater impact.

I realised one of the biggest hurdles for people like me was identifying projects to work with. I could help people build meaningful careers through robust volunteering around the world – not just in development but in Medicine, Micro Finance, Journalism, Human Rights, Conservation, Sustainability and more. Global Nomadic was born, and has gone on to support thousands of people find purposeful experiences abroad.

– Jeremy Freedman | Founder

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