What we do and why we do it.

Global Nomadic empowers positive change by connecting people with life-changing projects around the globe. We provide access to trusted international internships, TEFL courses and volunteer placements. across a wide range of professional fields.

Since 2009 we have sent over 10,000 people on incredible projects in 40+ countries. Whether it’s Human Rights & Social Sustainability, Environmental Conservation or Wildlife Rehabilitation, we partner with top organisations making a real difference to the world.

WHY? We believe real change happens when people find purpose in life-enhancing opportunities. We dedicate our time to providing the opportunity for people to travel the world and develop new skills, whilst making a real contribution.

By enabling young professionals to further their career with international work placements, we are continuing to support non government organisations; uniting in the goal to invest in our future and sustain a positive world.

Meet the founder

People often ask me how Global Nomadic got started and where the inspiration came from. The short answer is that it came from a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. The long answer goes something like this.

After studying Sociology at the University of Reading in the UK I was geared up to start a postgraduate degree in Jeremy Freedmaninternational development- except, as I found out, I had just missed the cut-off marks by a few percentage points. I was frustrated (with myself mostly) that my development dreams seemed to be at a standstill, but then I decided to go the ‘experiential route,’ i.e. impulsively buying a one-way ticket to Senegal.

I arrived in the country and started literally knocking on the doors of NGOs until through an unlikely chain of events I was taken in by an organization in the Gambia. Wide-eyed and believing I could save the world I started a project to build an agricultural school in a very isolated, rural part of the country. I worked with the local community to assess how the school should be designed, wrote a number of proposals for funding, met with village leaders and slowly saw the project get off the ground. But meanwhile I was running out of money and needed to return to the UK to work for a few months. My cousin offered me a job selling door entry systems, and slowly two months turned into two years doing a very unfulfilling job.

Stuck but not defeated, I went abroad again- this time to South America. And again, after knocking on a few more doors I found an NGO job in Bolivia where I stayed for a year, long enough to be able to speak Spanish fluently and to fall in love with the continent. But again, the money ran out. Back to London, and back to school- this time I was accepted into a Masters programme in Latin American development, a fantastic learning experience that introduced me to great people. But development jobs do not exactly grow on trees, and before I knew it I was back selling door entry systems.
‘It wasn’t meant to be like this!’ I thought. And then I thought harder and harder, and realised it doesn’t have to be. Now, armed with international volunteering experience, I could help people like me get a foot in the door or further their career with solid project placements around the world; not just in development but in medicine, journalism, human rights and a number of other fields. I set up the website, registered the company, and started growing a network of high-quality project providers, many of which I have visited personally.

Not only do I save people from knocking on a million doors and banging their heads against the wall trying to find the crucial next step in their careers, I provide guidance and support while they are abroad and ensure that that they get the most out of their experience. Now that I have a job that I am truly passionate about it really is easy (and true) to say that it was all worth it.

– Jeremy Freedman | Founder

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