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Malawi: Wildlife Conservation

Liwonde, Malawi


Location: Liwonde, Malawi

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks

Start Dates: Project is on-going, and you can join at any time, depending upon availability. Placements start each Monday

Cost: £700 GBP per week – see Costs section for more details

Includes: All food, accommodation, airport pickup, orientation and all project related activities

Does not Include: flights, travel insurance, visas and vaccinations

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Your Role – Dive into Conservation

Welcome to the Wildlife Conservation Program at the National Park, where your role is a dynamic blend of responsibilities dedicated to fostering sustainability and safeguarding the park’s diverse biodiversity. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll be involved in:

**Patrols and Surveillance:**
– Conduct regular patrols alongside experienced park rangers, utilizing cutting-edge tools such as GPS tracking, drones, and camera traps to deter and intercept illegal activities.
– Keep a vigilant eye on signs of poaching, illegal logging, and potential threats to wildlife, actively contributing to the park’s security and protection.

**Community Engagement:**
– Immerse yourself in educational workshops and awareness campaigns designed to illuminate the significance of conservation within local communities.
– Play a key role in promoting alternative livelihood options, aiming to reduce reliance on activities harmful to the park and fostering vital community support.

**Habitat Restoration:**
– Get your hands dirty in reforestation efforts, planting native tree species to restore degraded habitats within the park.
– Assist in controlling soil erosion and rehabilitating ecosystems, creating a thriving environment for diverse species.

**Invasive Species Management:**
– Identify and assist in managing invasive species that disrupt the park’s natural balance, contributing significantly to ecosystem preservation.
– Contribute to strategies aimed at preventing further ecological damage caused by invasive species.

**Endangered Species Protection:**
– Support designated protected zones or sanctuaries focused on conserving and rehabilitating endangered species populations.
– Help create a safe environment for endangered species to recover, making a direct impact on the park’s biodiversity.

**Research and Monitoring:**
– Join in conducting biodiversity surveys to document and monitor the park’s rich plant and animal life.
– Engage in wildlife tracking using advanced technology to monitor movements and population dynamics, facilitating effective wildlife management.

**Ecosystem Health Assessments:**
– Contribute to regular assessments of various park ecosystems, including water bodies and vegetation, evaluating their health.
– Support interventions aimed at maintaining and restoring ecosystem balance based on assessment findings.

**Habitat Maintenance and Wildlife Care:**
– Aid in ongoing maintenance and effective management of habitats within the park, ensuring sustained ecosystem health.
– Assist in caring for injured, orphaned, or distressed wildlife, actively supporting their recovery and eventual release.
– Participate in daily maintenance work alongside the rangers in and around the park.

The program site, located approximately 169 kilometers away (a scenic 2.5-hour drive) from our primary accommodation, will become your haven for conservation efforts. After a Monday orientation session, you’ll be whisked away in the afternoon to a secondary accommodation within the park. Upon arrival, our program coordinator/subject matter expert will guide you to kick-start your immersive journey.

Your commitment involves dedicating a total of 6 hours per day, contributing your time and energy to make a lasting impact on the conservation of this natural treasure.

Daily Life

Embark on an immersive journey that invites you to play a crucial role in nurturing the thriving ecosystem of our beloved park. This hands-on initiative encompasses a variety of engaging activities to make a meaningful impact.

Join us in patrolling the park’s expansive landscapes, employing cutting-edge surveillance techniques to combat illegal activities like poaching and logging. Dive into community-driven initiatives, where you’ll not only educate local communities and visitors on the importance of conservation but also champion sustainable livelihood alternatives.

Contribute to the reforestation of native habitats, take charge in managing invasive species, and become a key player in safeguarding and rehabilitating endangered species within designated sanctuaries.

Beyond the excitement of on-the-ground conservation, actively participate in research endeavors. Conduct biodiversity surveys, employ advanced tracking technologies to monitor wildlife movements and population dynamics, and deepen your understanding of the intricate web of life within the park through ecosystem health assessments and habitat maintenance.

Step into the forefront of wildlife care, lending a helping hand to injured or distressed animals under the guidance of expert veterinarians. Join forces with local and international partners, becoming a vital part of a global movement dedicated to ensuring the sustained preservation of our National Park’s unique and precious biodiversity.

This program offers more than just an experience; it provides you with the chance to be a catalyst for positive change in one of Africa’s most iconic natural landscapes. Join us in preserving the beauty and diversity of our National Park, and let your actions echo in the heart of conservation.

Book with Confidence

Travel and Accom.

You will be met at the airport and transported to the project.

You will be staying at a hostel-style setup with dormitory rooms, communal shower and toilet facilities. Malawian food will be served mainly, along with some European food. You can expect meat, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, bread, rice, spaghetti, and more.

Fundraising Help


  • Minimum age 18
  • Passion and enthusiasm for environmental conservation
  • Not afraid to get your hands dirty!
  • Ability to work within a team environment
  • Minimum 2 weeks commitment
  • CRB Police check (or equivalent) showing that you have no previous criminal convictions
  • Good English skills
  • Necessary vaccinations
  • Necessary flight & visas
  • Full travel & medical insurance. Full assistance will be provided in getting everything you will need ready if you choose our Placement Support Package.
Premium Support Upgrade


£700 GBP per week

* Check the latest currency conversions with xe.com
** All payments incur a 5% bank transfer fee
*** Placements are confirmed with a 1 week deposit, minimum 2 weeks booking

What’s Included:

Project Fee includes food, accommodation, airport pickup, orientation, in-country support and project activities.

What’s not included:

Flights, insurance, visas (if applicable) and vaccinations. Full assistance will be provided in getting all these arranged if you choose our Premium Support.

Premium Support Upgrade

We understand there’s a great deal to plan and organise for your trip. When booking a Placement, many of our participants choose to purchase our Premium Support Upgrade to benefit from the expertise, knowledge and experience of our Project Coordinators.

We can provide the personal advice you need to ensure your trip is organised with excellence and planned with efficiency; ensuring the very best experience possible. Read more about how we can help you.

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