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“10/10 I would highly recommend anyone to take advantage of this volunteer opportunity.

I volunteered for two weeks and if my time wasn’t as limited in New Zealand I would’ve loved to volunteer for even longer. My two month trip to New Zealand is almost over and it’s safe to say that my two weeks at pupu rangi was one of the major highlights of my whole trip, if not THE highlight of my trip. Pupu rangi is a place that will challenge you and force you outside of your comfort zone a bit but it will teach you that living a simpler lifestyle can actually be extremely satisfying. There’s no better way to learn about New Zealand in it’s rawest, most natural form then by spending some time at pupu rangi.

You’ll not only learn about the native forests of New Zealand but you’ll actually get to be a part of them. We learned step by step just what it takes to protect New Zealand’s native forests and the creatures that inhabit them. And although there’s was some working involved, we also spent some days exploring and seeing the beautiful things that New Zealand has to offer. Octavian is great and it’s amazing to see just how much work and passion that he has put into pupu rangi in order to keep New Zealand’s lands native. This is a great way to see New Zealand from a less touristy point of view. Plus they have a pizza oven.”

Off-grid Environmental Internship in New Zealand


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Wylie Hampson