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Public Health internship Report

public health internship in Ghana

27th April – Orientation Week

I arrived late in Ghana on the 11th of April 2016 by 8pm. it was only until the next day a staff took me to WAAF where I was introduced to the staff. A handbook was given to me to know more about the organization when it was established, and her accomplishments thus far. Also, what is expected of me as an intern.

This project is an occupational health and wellness package that includes the following:

  • screening and examination of the staff of the organizations on a number of diseases such as HIV and Tuberculosis testing, and a whole lot.
  • Health and wellness workshops on a number of health topics such as infectious diseases, Non-communicable diseases, posture and sleeping disorders e.t.c.
  • routine screening of health workers
  • providing medical certificates if needed
  • detailed subsidised rates of each test but open for negotiations on the order of the test to suit each organization needs.

A proposal and an introductory letter was typed to present to organizations in Accra.

For our first outing (20th April 2016), I and a staff of WAAF visited five companies and presented our proposals and introductory letters to the Human Resource (HR) of the Organizations. On that same day I made a phone call to the sixth company on our list and spoke to their HR department, but at this time they would not sign up to the program because they had recently signed on to another.

28th April – Working on Guidelines on waste management

I had been working the occupational and health and wellness workshop manual and handed it in on the 27th April 2016 awaiting corrections and feedback.

I started working on another today 28th April 2016: Guidelines on waste management for WAAF and her partner IHCC (International Health Care Centre).

29th April – Invitation to a seminar

This day 29th April 2016, the staff of the West Africa Aids Foundation and her partner the International Health Care Centre,including other organizations were invited by the Ghana Aids Commission (GAC) for a Seminar on advocacy.(Interns and Volunteers included). This was a follow-up meeting on the validation of Ghana Network of Persons Living with HIV (NAP+) handbook.

3rd May – Follow up with prospective clients on the Occupational Health & Wellness Program

Its been two weeks since I and the WAAF staff visited the respective organisations on our list to hand them our proposals on the occupational health and wellness package.

I followed up today 3rd May 2016, to receive their response. we have had one positive response so far and even received the clients today. for some their HR was not around, next line of action to call back tomorrow. for others, there was no response, same next line of action as  above.

Successful screening test for the new clients on HIV and TB. they also requested for a medical report and the Doctor was able to provide them with one.

5th May  – Community Outreach

WAAF was invited for a community outreach program in Doryumu village (a hard to reach place) somewhere around Shai hills, in Accra. the outreach was to speak to the women who had tested positive to HIV, about the importance of  ART (Anti retroviral therapy).  the complaints reaching us from the co-founder of  the city of refuge children’s village was that they refused to go to the hospital for their drugs and some for followups.

the reasons behind the women’s refusal to go to the hospital were due to the fear of stigma and also financial reasons. all these were discussed and how to tackle these problems were tabled in front of the founders of city of refuge childrens village.

7th May – STARR FM, Mothers day celebration

Free examination and screening for mothers were conducted Saturday 7th May 2016, to commemorate the mothers day celebration. the turn up was good. the staff and interns of WAAF were present. we conducted a free HIV test and TB screening. those who tested positive for HIV were referred to WAAF partner IHCC for followup. also, those who were suspected for TB were further referred to hospitals close to their homes.

9th May – Sealing the deal!

Today, we sealed a deal with one of the organisations we submitted the occupational health and wellness proposal. A proposed date has been set for the health screening of their staff and medical reports are to be issued when the screening is completed.

10th May   – Final Day at WAAF

After I had concluded all pending work, I was taken out to lunch by the public relations officer courtesy of WAAF bidding me farewell. Gifts were presented to me after lunch.

My experience at WAAF is one I would never forget. I am happy I was given the opportunity to intern there and am also grateful for the people I got to meet (both the staff at WAAF & IHCC and other interns/volunteers).


Public Health Internship in Ghana 


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