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Community Development in Fiji

Alternative Livelihoods and Community Empowerment Fiji

When I first signed up for this trip I had no clue what to expect or what I would be doing. I arrived in a small village called Silana and were instantly welcomed into the community with open arms and a friendly Bula (hello). The people in the village are the kindest and most genuine people I have ever met. We were welcomed into many of their homes where they would cook meals for us or just enjoy our company by telling stories and learning about their culture. I worked with the community development program where we worked closely with members of the community, helping them build recycling points, start up school gardens, and talk about health and preventative care.

It was an amazing opportunity to get close with the members of the community as well as make an impact on their village. I was only there for 2 short weeks but I’ve learned more from them about happiness, life, and family than I have in my entire life. It was truly a humbling experience and tears were shed when it was time to leave. I would highly recommend this program because you get a first hand experience on the culture and lifestyle of the community as well as get to experience all the beauty the island has to offer!

Alternative Livelihoods and Community Empowerment in Fiji 


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