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Community spirit in Malawi

Pat Harvey in Malawi


“In 2015 my girlfriend and I had the opportunity to volunteer with Phunzira, a nonprofit located in Ruarwe, Malawi. Phunzira offered something that many other organizations did not: a grassroots nonprofit, focusing on the individual as well as the community by providing aid through educational and health assistance. Phunzira’s transparency and supportive nature was evident from the beginning, and we soon felt as though we were part of something much larger, we felt as though we were part of a community.

APat Harvey in Malawis a community volunteer I worked primarily at Phunzira’s community resource center, Nyumba ya Masambiro, alongside other volunteers and staff in the IT department. Scheduling and conducting one-on-one daily computer lessons, I got to know many community members on a personal level. I worked with Phunzira’s staff to reorganize the resource center’s IT department, listing the functionality of each device and optimized the department’s laptops when possible. I also assisted in the tutoring of junior high and high school level students.

Although my time in Ruarwe was limited, I feel as though the work was impactful and I was able to develop a real sense of community. This combined with the picturesque setting along Lake Malawi, Phunzira is an organization I would sincerely recommend to all community volunteers.”
NGO Management Internship in Malawi


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Pat Harvey