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“The environmental project spanned four different locations in Rio;

On Monday we were in a community garden in a favela where we helped volunteer Brazilians plant plants and remove invasive plants. The biggest garden was really in the heart of the favela so we lived the favela experience and meet the community.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we were every day in a different place from the Tijuca National Park, the huge forest in Rio. We were working from 9:00 to 12:00 before the sun became too strong. We were with other Brazilian or foreign volunteers like us.

The work was similar regardless of the location of the forest. We pulled out the invasive plants and dangerous for the other plants, we planted new species and we sweep the pedestrian alleys.

Even though we only worked 2 hours a day, it was tiring as we were always on a slope and under a strong sun. We also had to get up early every morning to go to the different places of the project. It took an average of two hours of public transport every day.

Otherwise this experience will remain for me unforgettable because Rio is an impressive and very beautiful city. Then Brazilians are really welcoming people who love to share their lives with others.”

Urban Environmental Volunteer Program in Brazil 

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Thibault Lebosse