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By: Katelyn Reading | Posted on: 01 Oct 2016


“My last post was 2 weeks into the TEFL Costa Rica Program and WOW, so much has happened since then! I am now coming to the end of the 2 month program and have some wonderful news to share. I have been offered a paid teaching position with Proyecto Montezuma. Not only is this an incredible offer but honestly, it is a dream come true. I fell in love with Montezuma the moment I arrived and instantly knew this place could be my home for an extended period of time.

Flash forward to the moment the Director of Academics told me I would be a perfect fit for the organization and asked to join the Proyecto Montezuma English teaching team – it was beyond surreal.

I am still in the practicum phase of the program and I have already taught several of my own classes. I will continue to teach these students over the next two in a half months. I am thrilled to be teaching both adults and children! With this experience I have been able to put the skills I learned in the TEFL program into practice immediately and will be able to continue to improve on my ability as I teach. I have received an incredible amount of support from the Proyecto Montezuma/Santa Teresa directors and staff through out my time here. I feel accepted and celebrated by the community as a whole. It is really a pleasure to service this area of Costa Rica through teaching.

Not only has the initial goal of completing the TEFL course and becoming a teacher in Costa Rica been met, but countless incredible moments have accompanied it! Watching vibrant sunsets, jumping off 40+ foot tall waterfalls, hiking through the jungle to majestic beaches, eating boat side oysters in the middle of the ocean, swimming in bioluminescent tide pools, and making friends I will have for life are just some of what Costa Rica and the Nicoya Peninsula has been for me.”

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Katelyn Reading

Katelyn Reading
Posted on: 01 Oct 2016