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Smiling girl in Nicaragua


“I volunteered with Grupo Fenix for two months this summer in Sabana Grande, Nicaragua, and greatly enjoyed my time there. After spending two weeks at a Spanish School brushing up on the language, I arrived at the Solar Center on July 7 and spent the majority of the first week going through orientation, getting to know my family and other volunteers, and getting used to life in and around Sabana Grande. By my second week, I had begun working with a few of the other volunteers on a water catchment system for the Solar Restaurant, which would wind up taking most of the next three weeks. When that project was completed, I moved on to a similar system being installed at the solar mountain, this time working with Hilario, one of the local engineers. I had to leave before that project was completed, but I heard after I arrived home that it had been successfully finished.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed my time in Nicaragua this summer. From getting to experience working for an international NGO firsthand, to making lots of great friends, I wouldn’t have spent my summer any other way.”

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Evan Powell