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Finding this programme was a dream come true

South Africa: Anti Rhino Poaching Project

I have always known that two of my greatest passions are making a difference to the world we live in, and animals; animals of any size or shape, even if they’re not cute and fluffy. After leaving behind the sciences when I went to study at university, I thought my opportunity to work with animals or the environment had completely slipped away. However, to my absolute delight I found out about the wildlife conservation programme in Limpopo, South Africa. Finding this programme was a dream come true, but I had no idea the impact this trip would have on my life.

The four weeks I spent on Karongwe were unarguably the most valuable four weeks of my life. Every day held new awe-inspiring moments, from the breath-taking sunsets every night, the variation of wildlife around you out on drive everyday, or even just the stories shared with other volunteers while sat around the braai, under the clearest night sky imaginable. For me, one of the most amazing aspects of the experience was how lovely and knowledgeable the staff are, and how they would never tire of you asking them questions about anything and everything. I cannot get over how much I learnt about the wildlife and I am so grateful for that. I also gained so much from the reserve work as it is great to physically see what you have done, even if it is absolutely exhausting, knowing that you have made a difference. The trips into the near community were also a huge highlight for me as it really opened up my eyes to a whole other world. I could not recommend volunteering for the wildlife conservation programme in Limpopo more. I have made memories that will last forever, made friends from all over the world and been inspired to pursue a career in conservation.

Anti Rhino Poaching Project in South Africa


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Jessica McGovern