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Griselda – 2nd report

Internships in Cambodia

“On Friday, November 16 was my last day volunteering as a Graphic Designer at New Hope Cambodia. I have been here in Siem Reap for about 3 months. In those 3 months, I helped in creating various marketing materials such as brochures, leaflets, flyers and display boards. New Hope Cambodia’s goal was to provide various brochures that talk about the NGO as a whole and their sponsorship programs. All throughout the project, I definitely felt that it makes an impact in its field. The brochures that I made will be distributed in the school and all around Siem Reap. It will help attract new donors, volunteers, sponsors and visitors to the school and will hopefully help generate funds to keep the NGO running and serve its purpose, which is to provide free education for all children in and around Mondul Bai Village in Siem Reap. In designing those marketing materials, I believe that I have made a difference and that’s really my goal in coming here. To help and to make a difference in whatever way I can.


I admit that I expected the project will be busy all throughout but there were days when it became challenging because the progress felt a little bit slow than what I imagined. But with that challenge, I learned to be more patient in the design process and to collaborate with the local staff and the CEO of New Hope Cambodia. I learned to continue to better my ideas or designs and not just settle for the first draft. I am particularly proud of the restaurant flyer that I designed for New Hope Cambodia. Basically, New Hope Cambodia also has a training restaurant that helps fund the school, provides vocational training and job opportunities to young adults. With the flyer that I helped create, it will definitely attract tourists and visitors to dine in the restaurant. This will help with the school’s funding and training of their staff.

I hope to be back someday and I definitely would recommend this project to my fellow designer friends. The need for good designers to help out in struggling NGOs is definitely something to be taken seriously because I believe NGOs have a hard time to get their message across when it is not being delivered enough through the marketing materials such as brochures and flyers that will help attract their target audience.”


Graphic Designer for Childrens Centre in Cambodia



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Griselda Boquiren