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Indigenous Midwifery Report

Traditional Indigenous Midwifery and Amazonian Plant Medicine

“The experience definitely made me realize how much I love more traditional, organic forms of practicing medicine, and I don’t think I fit into more stressful, systematic medical environments. As long as interns go into the internship with an open mind and feel ready to really immerse themselves in a culture that is very different from theirs, then I think they would gain incredible life experiences from the program. It was well organized, Mika and Andy are very trustworthy and definitely know what they are doing, and they are happy to offer support however necessary at any point during the internship.

I feel extremely benefited by my enhanced perspective of medical practices worldwide, along with the interplay of traditional forms of medicine and Biomedicine. Then, in addition to that I feel like my immersion in another culture for a substantial amount of time is invaluable in how it guides my perspectives and interactions with the people around me both in and outside of my work life. I’m just super grateful to the organization for helping me to fulfill my longstanding dream of immersion in an another culture, learning indigenous medicine! Thank you for connecting me with the Kichwa people and giving me the chance to learn from people full of knowledge to share!”

Traditional Indigenous Midwifery and Amazonian Plant Medicine in Ecuador

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Alexis Power