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Making a documentary in South Africa


“My time at the project in Mossel Bay was very special to me. This project really focuses on wildlife filmmaking and everything that comes with it. There hasn’t been a day where I was bored or felt out of place. Every single day was pure work, laughs and overall an amazing experience. I don’t know if I personally made a difference to the project but people like me who are willing to learn and meet new people in this field are the ones that make this project a success and a joy for everyone.

One of my biggest challenges was the fact that I’ve never edited before and we spend a good amount of time editing our films. I was often stuck and had to figure it out by myself but that’s how you learn the most, it’s by doing it yourself. I am very proud of myself that I learned so many useful things during my time there and extremely grateful for all the staff who helped me overcome my challenges. I am extremely satisfied with my short film and looking forward to doing another experience like that in the future. This project did meet my expectations and I would definitely recommend this to a friend who has experience in filmmaking.”

by Chiara Seidlitz


Wildlife Documentary Film-Making Internship in South Africa



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