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wei panda care project china

This is definitely a lifetime experience and I learned a lot in this program. We spent the first two days in the city Chengdu and visited one panda base here. Also, we tried some local food and got to know each other in this program. We then moved to the Bifengxia Panda base to start the volunteer work. Our major work was to clean the enclosure and feed the panda. It’s the first time that I can get so close to this beautiful creature, and it is totally different from a sightseeing tour in the panda base. In this program, we also learned a lot about the food, habits and current situation of panda. We recognized the bamboos which panda majorly eat, we also made panda cakes for them.

During the leisure time, we had some cultural activities to learn about Chinese culture and language. I definitely recommend it for people who love pandas and want to do something for them. I do not know how much I have done for panda, but this program changed me a lot. It made me more determined in the animal conservation works and I hope I can make it my lifetime goal to care about our beautiful neighbors. Thanks this program to give me a wonderful summer vacation.

Panda Care in China


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