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“So, I’m almost in the middle of my stay at Chris and Celini’s wonderful place in the middle of the Mayan jungle. The days are long but busy and funny. I learn new stuff all the time. Chris is a true expert on both farming and life and has a trillion funny and interesting stories to tell. Now are busy days with a lot of preparing for the permaculture design course that takes place between the 25 of feb to the 11 of march. That will be a whole lot of fun although I have now idea where all the people will fit at the farm.

annie-soderThe day to day chores consists of taking care of the farm, both the fruit forest and the animals. We collect and peel a lot of bread nuts for the chickens and at the time pay much attention to the Vega garden that has to be watered due to lack of rain. The vega garden is a vegetable garden at the slope next to the river where the soil is rich from nutrients from the river.

We also do a lot of cooking in the kitchen. Celini always prepares delicious food and the girls that works in the kitchen are super friendly and warm. I learn a lot about exotic fruits and vegetables.

The accommodation is simple but nice. I live in a nice jungle house close to the main building. The farm is nice and feels safe and it is close to walk into the village, although it’s about half a days work ’cause you often have to walk if you don’t want to hire a dory.

The dory ride with Jorge is about 20 USD.

If going to the farm you will have to be prepared that Celini and Chris isn’t always at home and you’ll have to be interested and ask about to se to that you always have things to do. Most of the time Mr Alfonso, a friend of Chris is at the farm helping out. He is truly a supercool man that know basically everything.

I would highly recommend this project for anyone interested in farm life, permaculture and beautiful environments.”

Tropical Agroforestry & Sustainable Farming Internship in Belize



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Annie Soder