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Renewable Energy Development Update

solar power

“One of the first things we did was a solar panel system in San Fernando. It was a simple system with one panel , six lamps and 3 batteries. It was great to experience an installation in the first week of the internship. I learned the basics of solar system installation and will likely never forget the experience.

Another highlight was visiting Miraflor. It is one of the national reserves in Nicaragua. It was very. Beautiful and green compared to they dry and dusty Sabana Grande. The coolest things about the trip was seeing the lead cutter ants. It was something I remember seeing on the discovery channel back home, thinking that I might never experience something like that.

Another exciting thing that happens this month is that we started to do maintenance on the solar PV system at the solar center. We stated with maintaining the battery system by making sure the batteries had enough distilled water in them. Next we tested the output of each panel to see if they were working. The ones with poor results were taken down and looked at to try to identity the problems. I look forward to continuing and completing this project.”

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Colleen Latyak