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Utila, Honduras

Honduras: Wildlife Research Conservation

Overall this project is a great place to pursue hands-on experience in wildlife biology as well as many other biological professions.  Due to there being little known about the island it is very untouched and survey due to hard access to certain areas.  So if your in need of hands-on experience,  a university masters project, or even a Phd project this is the place for it.  The staff at the project are young and thoroughly experienced in various fields of study. They are positively impacting so many avenues of biodiversity through education, conservation, along with some rehabilitation.

I feel I have learned a lot thus far and with just under two weeks left I am eager to learn more.  One of the most things  I’m proud of is I co-authored my first scientific paper with Tom Brown on the parcel consumption of bats by the green vine snake.  I have learned how to format and write these notes/papers for further use in my own state. Should be published by August. I also was grateful for an opportunity to help Emma from the University of Whales on her masters project. This consisted of surveys with Hemadactylos and the Phylladactalus which is am endemic species of Utila, Honduras. She is looking at the effects of the invasive Asian house gecko on the endemic species. I’ve also been able to catch a decent amount snakes that I also took some data/measurements.

Some challenges I had to overcome my shy-ness at first but I got over it. The staff was very kind and made be feel very comfortable. They do a good job including everybody and making everybody feel like a part of something aa if they are contributing as one of them. Arrival was very smooth I didn’t have any hick-ups along the way.  The island life here was pretty easy to adjust to as well. The people that call this island home are very welcoming and friendly as there is a lot lf people here who are tourist or students.  All in all I would definitely recommend this to a friend.


Wildlife Research Conservation project in Honduras



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