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Very proud to be associated with this organisation!

Terry Knight at Computer in cambodia

“This organization is one of the best I have ever worked/volunteered with. They are actively involved in and with the communities they serve in and around Siem Reap, Cambodia. They provide clean water through the provision of wells, latrines and hygiene and social entrepreneurship programs among many others that can be found on their website.

Our role as volunteers is to assist and actively contribute to the success of the organization and its dedicated local, full-time staff. The staff work on a host of initiatives from teaching in the local schools to running the social entrepreneurship programs. They were certainly invaluable guides and friends who helped me navigate the language and cultural aspects of living and working Cambodia.

One of the most important aspects of their work, in my opinion is that while they do some independent work, most of the programs are done in conjunction with those in the communities they serve. For example, they run a breakfast program for the 1,000 kids that attend the schools where they operate. However, many of the families of the children that are beneficiaries of the program grow and serve the food at breakfast. This, along with their social enterprise programs enable the local community to develop a sense of independence and really follow the mantra of offering a hand up, not a hand out. Overall, if you are flexible and willing to listen and learn while also offering your voice and experience, a volunteer experience with this organisation will be an incredibly rewarding experience.

The volunteer experience offered me an opportunity to learn a lot about NGO Management but more importantly, how plans actually work in practice on the ground and also how they impact the affected communities. I really can’t recommend this program strongly enough to anyone who wants to learn more about NGO Management/Community Development, who has a passion to better people’s lives, and is eager to learn.

If you looking for a reputable organization to volunteer with and are eager to have an immediate and direct impact in people’s lives, volunteering with them will be an incredible experience and you will be very proud to be associated with this organisation.”

NGO Management Internship in Cambodia


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