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Imagine seeing animals roaming the streets? Whales and dolphins in the ocean, the big five in safe sanctuaries (lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and African buffalo). Imagine smelling the sea, listening to the breeze in the mountains, and feeling the waves of the ocean on your feet. Making memories and viewing breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Cape Town is a wonderful place to visit. Although there are many things to do, a month will not be enough time to experience them all.

If you realize how many things can be done in this place or surroundings, then you will understand why so many people want to return to this place or never leave it. And you can’t blame them. There are options for every taste and budget. Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and Signal Hill should be on your list of things to do while you are in Cape Town. Experience skydiving, bungee jumping the highest in the world, surfing, swimming with seals or shark diving, and exploring the Garden Route.

Nevertheless, there are some people who try to take advantage of tourists. This happens in most developing countries, so be careful if you ever visit South Africa; don’t be tricked by people looking for money. Despite everything, this place is an absolute delight to explore. This is the ideal place to volunteer in any subject.


Cape Town & Swaziland: Entrepreneur Development


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