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Agroforestry & Environmental Development Internships in Ecuador

“My experience on this project helped me learn how to better communicate with people and sparked an interest to work with communities in a healthcare capacity. Although I’m still unsure of how, it made me want to continue to travel and work in the healthcare field.

During this experience I learned a lot about the importance of needs assessment and first studying a place and the people before trying to get involved. This will definitely help me in future healthcare endeavors and projects because being more educated before diving into a project will only help eliminate obstacles and problems before they happen. I saw many times in my internship how things didn’t work out or were challenging because no one planned or thought of the potential problems before they happened. Also, living with a Kichwa family gave me more insight into what a certain culture believes or finds important.

I think the facilitates an experience that will change someone’s perspective on life and will teach them something about them self and about other people. Being part of the program helps integrate a foreigner into the way of life here and facilitates learning and personal growth.

I am grateful for the opportunity I was given to see a part of the world much different than what I have seen before and to have spent 4 months challenging myself and growing as a result of my efforts and the efforts of others. I’m grateful to have seen the Amazon- the plants, the animals, the views, and the people because it is a very special place and every time I travel to mother part of Ecuador, I feel happy to return to the Amazon.”


Public Health Medical Internship in Ecuador


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Anna Blasco