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South Africa: Wildlife & Travel Photography Internship

“As I near the completion of my project, the wildlife and travel photography internship in South Africa, I’ve had a chance to reflect on the past month and all it has entailed. The program is very much designed around the importance of conservation of the environment and wildlife, and to this end the aim is very clear. As a photographer, my role was to document through photography this wildlife while improving my skills as a photographer. I feel that this project makes a great impact in the area of conservation as the project  plays a big role is raising awareness of various issues and works directly with many local businesses and organizations. I feel that I have been able to contribute greatly to this as a photography intern, as some of my photos have been incorporated into various journal articles. The main challenges that I have faced have been trying to learn about the relevant issues and use photography in a way that accurately reflects those. Photographing wildlife is not an easy task, and through a month long program with guided instruction I feel that my skills have improved a lot, and feel ready to produce similar quality images in any place that I might find myself in the future. I am proud of the fact that I have been able to see the results of my work through improved images that I have produced and this is a very satisfying feeling.

I would say the project exceeded my expectations, as I have been able to both experience a wonderful new country and have also been able to get lots of hands on training with photography that I consider highly valuable. Having said that I would definitely recommend this project to anyone interested in photography, journalism, film, and wildlife and environmental issues.”


Wildlife & Travel Photography Internship in South Africa


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Jefferson Rotta