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Working with Asian Elephants in Laos

McKenna Damato - Asian Elephant Veterinary Course in Laos


“About a year ago, I found myself searching for a veterinary experience that wasn’t stereotypical. I wanted something new and exciting. Therefore, I used the only research tool that was up to the task, the internet. After plugging in a few key search words I found a sight that really peaked my interest, Global Nomadic. The options were limitless, with an expanse of internships involved in various major interests,  taking people to all corners of the globe.

McKenna Damato - Asian Elephant Veterinary Course in LaosEventually, I came upon an internship that really interested me. It was a trip to Laos, a land locked county between Thailand and Vietnam, and an opportunity to work with Asian elephants. The process of booking the trip through Global Nomadic made it a breeze, they even help book my flights. The site itself also prepared me for what I should expect with an itinerary, sleeping arrangements, and even what to bring. The only thing I had to do was get on the plane. Global Nomadic made this trip so easy and honestly, it was an experience I will never forget.”

Asian Elephant Veterinary Course in Laos

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McKenna Damato