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  • Do you feel the project makes an impact in its field?

As a recent graduate of an agricultural program at University, with a specific focus on international and sustainable agriculture this project definitely makes an impact in its field. Chris and Celeni were looking at various different cropping methods and environmental tactics to create a sustainable farm. With a specific focus on carbon sequestration and carbon draw down, this project makes a large impact in setting an example for all farms environmental impact, especially tropical farms.

  • Do you feel that you have made a difference to the project?

I believe that I was a helpful asset to this project, but was not there long enough to make a difference to the project. Although my help was greatly appreciated, I believe that a longer internship would prove to be more influential on the farm and in various projects.

  • What challenges have you encountered?

Entering this internship, I thought there would be more people and interns on the farm upon my arrival. However, this was not the case. As an individual, I am very independent and I do not like to feel like a burden so the first few days of settling in were difficult but it was a challenge to overcome. I am so glad that the first few days were just a bump in the project and the rest of my time was educational and fun.

  • What successes are you proud of?

I am proud of what I was able to learn from this experience. Through tropical agriculture systems on a large and small scale, medicinal plants, environmental concerns and mitigation solutions. After making coconut oil, I now understand why it is so expensive and would say that this was a success that I was proud of after a 2 day post harvest processing system it was a lot of work.

  • Did the project meet your expectations?

The project met my expectations through education and experiences on the farm. Celeni and Chris are extremely knowledgeable in various fields, especially in agriculture and environmental concerns. As an agriculture student who studied international agriculture it was amazing to finally see the crops I have learned so much about growing and maturing before my own eyes.

  • Would you recommend this project to a friend?

I personally do now know of anyone who would be suited for a project like this, however if I were to meet someone with similar interests as Chris and Celeni I would recommend this to anyone with interests in environmental conservation and agriculture sustainability.


Overall, I thought this was an amazing experience with a lot of education build into it. I was able to apply the studies from my undergraduate degree and expand upon my own curiosities. I could be back to this farm in the future for research purposes. I will not forget the three weeks I got to spend with such great people.


Tropical Agroforestry & Sustainable Farming in Belize


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