How to Build Your Resume While Travelling the World

How to Build Your Resume While Travelling the World

You’ve just graduated and you’re thinking about the next steps to take to build your resume and land a job that will propel you forward professionally.

Or maybe you’re thinking about a change in career.

Either way, you love to travel and want to explore the world and get work experience without compromising either.

The good news is, you don’t have to choose. It is possible to build your resume while you travel abroad.

Through international job placements, global internships and volunteer opportunities, you can set yourself up for success and hone some impressive skills that will help you stand out when you go to land your dream job in the future.

1) Figure out Your Career Interests

How to Build Your Resume While Travelling the WorldYou might be dead set on a specific career path. Maybe you’re passionate about sustainability and environmental work. Perhaps you’d like to pursue business or not-for-profit management, or you know for sure you’d like to work with wildlife and conservation.

If you already have an idea of the career path you’d like to pursue, you’re already one step ahead. If you’re not entirely sure, start by getting clear on the type of work or industry you’d enjoy. This will help you narrow down what skills and experiences will be valuable to employers in your field.

2) Research High Demand Skills and Experiences

How to Build Your Resume While Travelling the WorldOnce you’ve figured out which career path suits you best, research and make a list of the leading 3-5 organizations and companies in those sectors. Find out the types of jobs they are hiring for, current openings and available positions and make note of the skills and experiences they require. No matter which industry, international experience will give your resume a boost and help you stand out as a well-rounded candidate.

3) Find Internship, Volunteer or Work Abroad Opportunities

How to Build Your Resume While Travelling the World

When you’ve decided on a career that interests you and have done research on the skills and experiences

valued by employers in that field, look for international work opportunities that match. Global Nomadic partners with a number of organizations that offer incredible opportunities to students, graduates, or anyone else interested in gaining international work experience. We build relationships with these organizations and bridge the gap between their need for human resources and your need for valuable hands-on experience. Since 2009, we have sent more than 10,000 interns, volunteers, and TEFL teachers on projects in 40+ countries to work for organizations making a real difference in their field. New volunteer, work and internship opportunities are added on a regular basis– browse openings here:

It’s easier than you think to build an impressive resume while gaining a rich global experience abroad. Whether you’re still in school and thinking about how to make the most of your summer, a new grad unsure of the next step, or a seasoned professional looking to diversify your experience, you can build your resume while travelling the world.

Once you’ve decided on a field, done some research into the valued skills, check out the current available projects offered by our partner organizations!