January Discount – Incentive for New Years Resolutions!

It’s a brand new year all over again and we’d like to celebrate this fact by offering a 10% discount on the placement fee for any booking made before January 31st, 2014!

Bond Aid Group Nepal5This time of year is a fantastic time to spot would-be do-gooders, prancing off to the gym, sleek new gym bag in tow, to keep a new-founded New Year’s resolution, adamant that this year will be different from all the years that went before it, a time for new beginnings, new shapes and a new future. Overwhelmed by the over-indulgence of Christmas, many opt for a white January in the non-snowy sense or make other conscientious promises and changes to their everyday lives in the hopes of becoming a better person. The only problem is, by early March that bag is gathering dust in a corner somewhere under the bed and the drinks are back in the fridge as we gradually slip back into our old habits, only to be forcefully renewed on the next champagne-foggy New Year’s Eve.

So this year, why not make a promise that will last a little longer and impact not just your life, but ripple through the circles of countless others? Book a Wildlife internship and help nurse baby sloths, primates or manatees back to health. Sign up for a breathtaking Wildlife Expedition and take part in conservation work with the potential to save whole eco-systems. Learn to dive and discover the life aquatic. Get involved with the future of generations with at micro-credit programs in Peru or Uganda. Learn a new profession with TEFL programs in China, Thailand or Costa Rica. Work on your people greeting skills in the hotel industry in such varied places as China, France, India or the UK. Spot dolphins aboard a ship in Greece.

Whatever you get up to in 2014, make sure it’s a promise that you can tell your grandkids about and not just another gym-membership at the bottom of your desk drawer.

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