Payment Declined

If your payment has been declined, the issue is almost always that your bank needs to approve the online transaction. You simply need to contact your bank to let them know you are making an online payment to Global Nomadic via our online payment gateway – Stripe.

The limit on a card in the US for most banks is $300 cash withdrawal from an ATM and the sum total of up to $1000 of card purchases per day, and sometimes less depending on the bank. The only way to lift the limits set by the banks is for you to reach out to your bank and allow the charge. Here’s a link with more details:

Our UK account details are;

Account Name – Global Nomadic Ltd.
Account Number – 01581643
Sort Code – 40 03 26
IBAN – GB48HBUK40032601581643
Bank Address – HSBC Bank PLC, 1 Central Circus, Hendon, London NW4 3JU, UK
Company Address – 29 Longland Drive, London N20 8HG, UK

We also have alternative ways of making payment. If the problem persists, you can make a bank transfer to our account using Transferwise.

Our US account details are (you do not need to use Transferwise if you are based in the USA);

19 W 24th Street
New York 10010
United States of America

ACH Routing Number – 026073150
Wire Routing Number – 026073008


Contact Us if your have any problems.