Project Provider Guide

We have designed our platform to be as simple and user friendly as possible. After years of answering applicant questions, conducting interviews and processing applications, we have designed our platform to be as intuitive as possible, using the steps below;

Table of Contents

1) Applicant finds your project
2) Applicant ask a question
3 a) Applicant fills in application form
    3b) Applicants fills in application WITHOUT asking a question first
    3c) Accepting an application
4) Applicant secures place
5) Updating Project Details

1. Applicant finds your project


Applicant searches through our website, and finds your projects.

They can initially ask us at Global Nomadic any initial questions they may have or ask our guidance for which projects may suit them best.

2. Applicant asks a Question


Applicant can send you a message directly through our platform. You will receive an email message as well as a notification in your Dashboard.

You need to login to the platform to be able to respond to messages. You cannot reply within your email account (reply-by-email functionality coming soon!)

You can login to see the new notification in your timeline, and can respond to the email by clicking on the Messages tab.

The Canned Responses are designed to make your life easier. You can select the pre-written template responses to quickly and easily respond to questions or request an action. If you want us to update, add or change any of these, simply let us know!

Project Provider

3a. Applicant fills in application


Applicant fills in an application form by either clicking on the Apply button on the project page, or clicking on the Applications tab in their Dashboard.

We can add tailored questions for each project, so let us know if you need us to change or add any questions into the form.

You will now receive a notification email, and a timeline event in your Dashboard to let you know you have received a new application;

You can now review the application, then change the status to either;

  • Processing – marks the application as read and means you are working on it. You can then send them a message to get the conversation started.
  • Decline the application – This will send an automated message to the applicant saying they have been unsuccessful AND archive the application.
  • Accept the application – accept the application and invoice them for a deposit to confirm their place. Enter the deposit and balance payments into the boxes (this can be edited later if needed).
  • Deposit Paid – mark the application as successful, and open up the new tabs for the applicant (see Section 4).
  • Request Balance Payment – sends an automated email to the applicant reminding them that your balance payment is now due.
  • Request Checklist– sends an automated message to the applicant asking them to fill in their arrival details.
  • Request Report – sends a message to the applicant to ask them to fill in a report about their placement (after they have arrived).
  • Archive – once the participant has finished their placement, or their application was not serious, you can archive their application here – removing it from your inbox.

Project Provider

3b. Applicants fills in application WITHOUT asking a question first

If an applicant fills in an application form, BUT has not asked any question first, you will need to process them in a slightly different way.

  1. Mark their application as Processing and press the save button.
  2. Click the Send Message button to contact them directly, to introduce yourself, ask for an interview, or any other questions you may have.
  3. Alternatively, you can simply accept them by entering the Deposit and Balance fee payments (if applicable) and then marking their application as Approved. This will send them an automated message saying they have been accepting and encouraging them to login and make payment.
    We would recommend also sending them a quick message to say ‘hi’ and get a conversation going.
  4. You can use the Canned Responses to speed up your responses to each applicant.

Project Provider

3c. Accepting an Application

If you are ready to accept an application and request a deposit, simply select the Approve status from the dropdown menu and enter the deposit and balance fee amounts into the box. Press the Save button and this will send an automated email and notification to the applicant confirming their acceptance and asking them to pay the fees.

Project Provider

4. Applicant secures place


Applicant receives a confirmation notification and pays the deposit to secure their place.

They can also choose to pay the balance fee as well if they wish. You can change the amounts requested at any time.

We offer a Placement Support Package for an additional price. If they choose this we will help them with all of their pre-departure details and provide on-going assistance whilst they are on the project.

You will receive a email message and notification in your timeline that a payment has been received.

Project Provider

You can now mark the application as Deposit Paid.

Project Provider


The Applicant additional tabs will now open up. They can now have access to;

  • Checklists – arrival/departure information (flight arrival times etc.) , do they have a visa, vaccinations & insurance.
  • Reports – blog-style article which they can fill in detailing their experience, using words, photos and/or video. This gets posted on our website and helps us to find you more leads.
  • Project Details – special section which has information on your project, contact details, downloadable arrival guides, codes of conduct, and anything else that you wish to add or upload (see next section).

You can easily see all of your Successful Applicants by clicking on the tab, and easily see what has been paid, and what is still outstanding. You can change their application status to Request Balance Payment, which will send them an automated message asking them to make payment.

Once you have received a Checklist, you will be able to access them in here, by clicking the Review button. If you are still waiting for your Checklist, change their application status to Request Checklist and it will send an automated message to them. Alternatively you can simply send them a message via the messaging platform.

Project Provider

5. Update Project Details

By clicking on the Project Details tab, you can upload any PDF handbooks, arrival guides etc. for successful applicants to have access to.

You can also add important details about visa, contact information etc. (If you are using Google Docs, you could have a link to the information that you keep up to date on your own server, so you do not need to login here to change anything each time something needs updating).

Project Provider

If any of your questions are not answered here, or you are experiencing any problems, do not hesitate to Get in Touch.