Project Description Template

When submitting new projects for us to upload, please follow the following template so we can process and quickly upload your new projects. We need to fit the details into the style of our site, and ensure that all content is original (as Google penalises you for duplicate content).

You can send us these descriptions in any format, but the preferred would be a shared Google Doc. We can then work on it together and you can check to see you are happy with it all once we have done any edits and we can go live quickly.

We will also need as many photos as you have about the project, preferably of volunteers at work, interesting events/accomplishments/activities. Please also send a few photos of the accommodation (applicants always ask to see this).
Lastly, we will need at least one high-resolution photos (at least 2000 pixels wide) for the top cover of the project page.

The closer you can get your description to this template, the quicker it will be for us to upload you new projects!

As always let us know if you any questions/comments.


Summarised information on the project in the form of bullet points

Location – Where exactly is your project located (nearest town).

Duration – Is your project ongoing, have certain set dates, or only open between certain months?
What is the minimum and maximum time frame they can join you for.

Cost – How much is it to join your project per week/month. If there is a stipend, how much are you offering?

Benefits – 3-5 bullet points summarising key information (sometimes best to write this bit last), with the last one listing keywords relevant to the project.


This section should have max. 3-4 paragraphs.

The opening paragraph should offer a short introduction to the geographical area, culture and/or environment in which your project is situated. This is to give a general context for the applicant.

Next you should introduce your organisation, your mission statement, as well as any significant accomplishments or challenges you have overcome. You should explain why your organisation is important in the work that it does.

Lastly, why should a volunteer/intern should want to join you, what impact they can make and what could they take away from the experience?

Daily Life

This section explains to the applicant what they can expect to do on a daily basis. What will their day/week/month look like. You can use bullet points to list potential activities if you wish.

Please add as much details as possible, to ensure expectations are met. This is the most important section of the page.

You can also add examples of what previous volunteers/interns have accomplished, what challenges they faced etc.

Travel & Accommodation

How do applicants arrive at your project, what is the easiest way to get there. Where do they fly into, do you offer airport pickup, if not, will you provide easy to follow instruction? Please add all of this detail here.

Where will they be staying once they arrive? If you offer accommodation, is it shared, private, bunkbeds, tents? Do you provide bedding, mosquito nets, bathrooms, shared kitchens etc etc etc. Do you have WIFI? Please add as much details as possible.

Lastly people always ask if you offer vegetarian meal options, and if single sex shared accommodation is possible.

Please also supply photos, people always want to see where they will be staying and picture paints a thousand words.


Do you have any specific requirements to join you? Below is a list of the standard ones we tend to include. Feel free to add to this list.

  • Min age 18
  • Minimum X weeks commitment
  • Good English skills
  • Strong motivation and enthusiasm to work in X
  • CRB Police Check to work with children (if applicable)
  • Full travel & medical insurance
  • Willing to dress and behave appropriately
  • Necessary vaccinations, flights & visas


Please supply your full costs with breakdown and which currency you prefer to use (GBP, EUR or USD). Also be sure to let us know if this includes our commission or not.

What’s Included:

Usually this includes All Food, Accommodation, Airport Pickup and in-country Support (delete/add as applicable).

What’s NOT included:

Flights, visas, travel insurance, domestic transportĀ (delete/add as applicable).

Add ons

Do you offer any additional add-ons, side trips etc.? If so, you can add them here along with a price guide and what applicants can expect. this could be a trek up a nearby mountain, trip to an archaeological site, cool beach, Language lessons etc etc etc.


Please also send over any new (or old) reviews you have had, along with any photos of the person on the project (if possible). We can then add this to the Review section, but also feature it on our Social Media & newsletter.