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China: TEFL Training + English Teaching

various locations, China


Location: You can be placed as a teacher in various locations all around China

Cost: There is no fee to be placed on this programme

Salary: Approx. $1000 USD per month depending on location, school and experience.

Start Dates: Placement start dates for public schools in February and August, private language schools offer rolling start dates throughout the year.


  • Develop a teaching career in a totally new and foreign setting
  • Build your resume during a gap year
  • Absorb Eastern cultural awareness as a Westerner
  • Enrich the lives of Chinese children by teaching English
  • Live in China very affordably
  • Grow professionally and personally
  • Fund further travels on your way back home
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For over 20 years, our teaching programs have “bridged the gap” between Eastern and Western countries. Westerners who want to learn about a new culture and develop themselves as a professional can do that with our program in China. Placements are available from grades K-12, and schools vary by type, size and location. Anyone with an interest in teaching has a place at one of our partnering schools.

This program is perfect for recent graduates or experienced teachers who would like to take their skills abroad. All placements are a semester-long (4.5 months) commitment, but you can negotiate extending your contract. There is no program fee, and this program pays a salary valued at ~1000 USD per month. There is a completion bonus, and free accommodation and meals provided for your entire stay. This is not one of those experiences abroad that will leave you with empty pockets. It’s almost impossible not to save!

Teaching abroad is great way to see the world and build your resume at the same time. You will grow into a more open-minded and culturally aware individual, which is a great asset to corporations- or classrooms! You’ll also earn enough to fund further travels throughout Asia on your way back home.


In this program you will have the same responsibilities as you would as a teacher in a Western country. There are a few different types of schools: private schools, public schools, training centres, and international schools. Schools are generally larger, with student numbers ranging from 2,000-5,000 per school. Day-to-day schedules may vary a bit, but most programs will expect similar duties:

-Classroom teaching (20-25 hours per week)
-Lesson planning
-After school/ extracurricular activities

Each school week runs 5 days a week, and you work a total of 40 hours per week. Each semester is 4-4.5 months long, and starts in either January or August. Each teacher will have 2 days off each week but they may not always be consecutive days. This work is extremely rewarding, and you may even learn more than your students.

During your time off, don’t forget to explore the city you are living in! Each city has so much to do and a vibrant culture to immerse yourself in. You’ll receive plenty of support and guidance on things you must see and do in your area.

As an English teacher you are helping provide a critical part of the educational program, and as such you’re likely to find the role challenging, exciting, rewarding and exhilarating all at the same time. You’ll often find you’ll build strong bonds with the other teachers in the school and the local teachers will often invite you to share dinner with their families – you are very interesting!

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Travel & Accommodation

Teachers are responsible for the cost of their flights and all the necessary documentation, but we will be there for support 100% of the way.

When you first arrive, the first three days will be orientation days in Beijing. These days will have the following activities:

1st Day: Airport pick-up in Beijing

2nd Day: Introduction seminar, tour of Beijing, orientation dinner

3rd Day: Program placement

Our aim is to make sure you feel confident and prepared before you start your teaching placement. During this time your meals and accommodation are covered. Hotel rooms will are split between a maximum of 4 people.

After orientation, we will take you to your new apartment! You will have a private bedroom in a shared apartment or will be in a dormitory style apartment. You will share your living room and bathroom with other teachers in the program. 95% of apartments are within 45 minutes of your assigned school by local transportation.

Meals for your entire stay are provided by your schools. You can also use your monthly salary to dine out in the thousands of restaurants in each city.

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  • Age: 20-50
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Minimum commitment of one full semester (6 month visa)
  • Fluent in English
  • TEFL Certification (we can advise on suitable certificates) OR minimum 2 years teaching experience
  • Native English speaking country OR bachelor’s from a Native English speaking country (Australia,
  • Canada, Ireland, NZ, UK, US)
  • Strong interest in teaching & great with children
  • Necessary flights & visas
  • Full medical in examination (paid for by the program)
Premium Support Upgrade


There is no fee to be placed on this programme


Depending on your background and previous experience as well as location of your teaching placement, you can expect to earn approximately $1000 USD per month. Daily living costs are approximately $16 USD per day, leaving you plenty of room to save on your salary.

What’s included:


What’s Not included:

Flights (see above), visas, vaccinations, insurance and food are not included. Full assistance will be provided in getting all these arranged if you choose our Premium Support.