Report Writing Guide

Your report is aimed at giving a snapshot of your experiences so far on the project. Ideally you need to write at least 2 reports, the first in the first week of arrival, and the second in the last week of your placement. If you are only participating for 2 weeks, then one report at the end of your placement will be sufficient.

General guidelines

  • 500-1000 words per report
  • Written from your perspective (not 3rd person)
  • Factual and useful information
  • Original content (no copy pasting unless you are quoting someone)
  • Include at least 1 image (or video) of you on the project

1st Report outline

  • How did you find out about the project (or Global Nomadic)?
  • How was your pre-departure planning?
  • Did you need to raise funds for your participation? If so, what fundraising activities did you do.
  • What are your main aims for your time on the project?
  • How was your first day?
  • Are you being well looked after by the staff?
  • How is your accommodation and food?
  • Were you given an orientation?
  • How do you find the local area and culture?
  • Have you made any friends yet?
  • What activities at the project have you started doing?

2nd Report

  • Do you feel the project makes an impact in its field?
  • Do you feel that you have made a difference to the project?
  • What challenges have you encountered?
  • Did you manage to overcome any of the challenges?
  • What successes are you proud of?
  • Did the project meet your expectations?
  • Would you recommend this project to a friend?
  • What extra activities did you get up to (sightseeing, going out on weekends etc.)?

General notes

You do not need to elaborate greatly on every bullet point, however each point needs to be addressed. Your experience will help you know what is most applicable.

Try not to use generic statements such as ‘rich in culture’ or ‘beautiful landscape’, please be as specific as possible about the project. The aim is to create a rich document about your experiences and the reality of life on the project.

Feel free to ask us if you have any question, we are here to help!