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Re-shaping the future of sustainability – Internships in Panama

internships in panama

Sustainability has been one of the strongest growing buzzwords of the last decade and is now rightly gaining in focus across the whole spectrum of the professional field. But how does it actually apply to the shaping of our future and how do we best learn how to harness the powers of nature to build societies that are truly sustainable and yet thoroughly modern, effective and overall – achievable?
These are questions that one group of entrepreneurs and innovators in Panama are trying to answer in a very hands-on fashion – by building the world’s most sustainable residential community in the middle of the Panamanian jungle, just an hours drive from the bustling towers of Panama City.

In a pristine 550-acre plot of land, this initiative was formed out of a desire to transform the way real estate shape our lives and create a way of living in harmony with nature in a manner never quite seen before. The aim is to build not just a community but an actual town, fully sustained by the responsible utilization of surrounding natural resources. To this end, the company behind the initiative has launched a series of innovative internship programs, all aimed at developing various facets of the community, including a Business Development Program, Agriculture and Animal Science Program, Biology Field Research Program, Education, Health & Awareness, Farm to Table Culinary Arts and Outdoors Recreation, both centered on the hands-on construction of the town as well as building links in synchronicity with the existing local communities.

Interns on the various programs work both in Panama City, San Miguel and on the development site itself, depending on their chosen program. Business interns are based at the project headquarter in Panama City, where they work on developing entrepreneurial projects to promote and assist development of the sustainable community site. Taking part in this unique program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone interested in business administration, urban planning or a sustainable future with fantastic opportunities to network with and learn from some of some of the most prominent mentor figures in the field.

Biology and Agriculture students and professionals in the meantime will work out on the development site itself, where the construction is set to start breaking ground in 2015.

Panama itself was chosen as the perfect location for the development of the town, suitably both in resources, topography and climate-wise. As the vast majority of the world’s poorest regions are similarly located in the tropics, hopes are that the model of the sustainable town taking shape in Panama will be transferable to other areas of the world as an open source model for urban developers – in time thoroughly transforming the way landscaping and urban planning shape our place in the world and ultimately the world itself.

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Jeremy Freedman
Posted on: 09 Jun 2014