3 Amazing International  Internships For Aspiring Lawyers

You can see it now… your name displayed in your law firm’s logo. You’ve put in your time, working your way through the ranks. You’ve made partner! Of course, there are a few key steps to take before that coveted title becomes yours–starting with being hired by your first law firm.

What sets truly exceptional job applicants apart from the rest? Hands-on experience.

Book knowledge is important (especially when considering a field that requires an in-depth knowledge of specific laws and regulations) but nothing quite compares to the practical knowledge gained from practicing a skill and immersing yourself within the work environment.

Adding an internship to your resume is the perfect way to prove to potential employers that you not only possess the head knowledge required for the position, but you also have the practical skills and industry experience to back that up.

If you are an aspiring lawyer looking for ways to boost your resume, here are three international internship programs you definitely need to check out! 

    1. Malawi: Wildlife Justice Legal Internship

If you’ve got a heart for protecting wildlife, this Malawian internship might be for you. Travel to this South African country to join the ranks of those fighting against what has become the world’s fourth-largest transnational crime: illegal wildlife trade.

As animal poaching and illegal trading have become more and more prevalent in Malawi, so have the efforts to combat these crimes. The Malawian government has partnered with non-profit organizations to increase the monitoring and prosecution of wildlife crimes.

As an intern in this program, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside court monitors and lawyers in analyzing courtroom data and doing valuable research needed for each case. You will also be involved in education and animal advocacy efforts, aimed at spreading awareness of the growing wildlife trading problem.

This is the perfect internship for individuals with a passion for animals and a willing readiness to immerse yourself in an important social cause. The insider skills and industry experience you’ll pick up during your time in Malawi will truly enhance your resume and make you a well-rounded lawyer.


2. Bangkok: Law Internship

law internship in Thailand

Interested in business and economic litigation? As the economy continues to grow in Thailand, so does the number of international businesses looking to expand within this market. The highly regulated and controlled Thai economy makes the jobs of lawyers and aspiring lawyers, like yourself, all the more important.

This internship will provide you many opportunities to strengthen and practice your law skills. Interns will have the opportunity to work in corporate law, criminal law, and administrative law. Throughout your work in each law sector, you will be closely supervised by a mentor who is available for support.

Being located in Thailand, this internship will also give you familiarity with another nation’s legal system, an asset few other aspiring lawyers can claim.

You will be hard-pressed to find another internship as well-rounded as this opportunity in Bangkok. The program supervisors work hard to give you the skills, direct mentorship, and opportunities you’ll need to become an exceptional lawyer.

3. Tanzania: Human Rights and Legal Aid Internship

Human Rights & Legal Aid Internship in Tanzania
Due to historical and cultural views of women in Tanzania, many women are finding themselves in a place of destitution when they lack men in their lives to provide for their financial needs. Non-profit organizations and Legal Aid clinics are working tirelessly to support women and children who find themselves in these positions, in addition to educating the public.

Individuals who participate in this internship program will have the opportunity to work closely with women in need, helping them prepare for important court proceedings. Interns will also help run educational workshops, and even spend time in court.

If you’re looking for a program that will give you courtroom experience and the opportunity to work closely with lawyers and paralegals, book your flight to Tanzania because this internship is for you.

Potential employers love to see applicants with internship experience on their resume. Seizing the opportunity to enhance your law skills while experiencing another culture is a no-brainer! Not only will these internships improve your qualifications for job applications, they will also truly be a once in a lifetime experience you will never forget.