5 Reasons Why You Should Check “Yes” To Relocation

A question many job seekers overlook is a small box, normally under the availability date, the travel related boxes. Many of us just glance over these options, saying “no” we would rather not travel more than a said amount of miles, and automatically say “no” to relocating for the position. Unfortunately, that limits your opportunities right off the bat for many companies. For those of us seeking an internship, this is a crucial step that many miss out on! Here is a list of five top reasons why you should check “yes” to relocate, and be willing to travel at the drop-of-a-hat.

1. Paid Expenses

If you are willing to relocate for a company, normally they are willing to at least meet you halfway, cost wise. If you have to uproot from your home of a mere few years, this will be easier than many more established, thus you should seek these internship opportunities before you are too settled in. However, for those who have a family, many companies will offer compensation for living expenses for the first few months, if not for the entire duration of the project for which you are traveling for.

2. Experience a New Culture

Internships hardly ever happen in your backyard, therefore, to be willing to relocate to an area that is completely new, which will turn to be an asset for both you and the company. Many people wish they would have traveled more while they had the time, sadly, many things stopped said individuals from completing their dreams. An internship can immerse you into a new language, new traditions, and so many more unique aspects of a culture. By accepting this international internship, you will be doing what millions wished they had, and better yet, you are being paid for it!

3. Increasing Stability in Position, Or Better

To put it frankly, if a company is investing thousands for you to go overseas and work on an international project, it may be safe to say you have a bit of job security. However, the knowledge you learn while on this internship can help cement that relationship with the company, making you an invaluable asset. Becoming invaluable is something to strive for, as long as it’s in the good way, taking on a new relocation venture shows dedication to a company. Dedication is something Board members are made out of, seeing the link yet?

4. Contribute to the Bigger Picture

Many companies collaborate on a global effort, meaning you will be traveling to places such as Japan, Australia, California, Brazil, India, and so many more areas that are thriving from the industry you are entering into. While it may seem very scary to move to these places, you are playing an essential role in growing the company, you may even be the ambassador for your country, to represent their ideas, how awesome is that?

5. Enrich Your Life

You’ve visited every local attraction, you could apply to be a tour guide at a local park, you could even paint from memory most of the painting in your local museum, boring! Spice up your nights by accepting an international internship, you won’t be working every day, giving you plenty of time to explore local hotspots, or not so known “mom-and-pop” shops to send treats back home. A job does not have to be a job, if you let it become a passion you will experience every day as something great. Drop the dread, and get excited, you are in a new place, no one knows your past, do something great!

The idea of leaving everything you know may be very scary to some, and yet to others, it would be welcomed. No matter what your situation is, taking on an internship will benefit you in many ways. Take the plunge and live your life, learn something new, and keep on striving for more.