Reports from the Field

1st week – Cultural week

First week – Cultural week

I joined a group of students from China and spent the whole week learning about Nepal.

– My Nepali name is Devi (means goddess)

– Cooked simple Nepali dish

– Went to temples

– Short hike

– Went to the oldest market in Kathmandu

– Yoga

Overall, it was a nice experience, but a whole week to learn about the culture is a bit too much.

Met with new people and made friends.


2nd week – volunteer at a Children’s Hospital

Met with Dr. Shanta, a really nice dedicated person to children’s healthcare in Nepal.

Challenge was no one speak English but the doctor himself, and patients kept talking to me in Nepali because I looked like a local.

It was a nice week at the hospital, discussed many things with dr. Shanta about the hospital.

Glad to be a resourceful volunteer for Dr. Shanta and the hospital.

I would recommend this hospital for anyone who wishes to learn/experience how dr. Shanta managed to run the hospital so well with so little.


Medical Internship in Nepal


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