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A Few Weeks in Guatemala

This project definitely makes a difference. Because of their actions they were able to increase the over all population of scarlet macaws by 5% in the country.

I feel that myself and every volunteer that puts effort in, is able to have a positive effect on the project and the lives of the animals.

It was tough for me to adapt to the high carb, moderate protein diet, the portions were also a bit small for me as I am a large man with a high metabolism. I compensated by buying sandwich ingredients and making some extra food for myself during meals. That being said, the provided food was still very tasty!

I’m proud that I was able to gain a lot of practical skills in keeping and habitat maintenance. It was also incredible to take part in releasing a young howler monkey back into the wild.

The project exceeded my expectations by far.

I would highly recommend this project to a friend and people that want to experience real hands on conservation in central America.


Wildlife Rehabilitation Project in Guatemala


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Skott Pye