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1st week report: Introduction Week

Claudia on the project in Nepal

“Even though I arrived a bit later, due to flight connections problems, everything on my arrival was well organized. People from Green Lion organization was waiting for me and we immediately came to the house, in order that I can directly join in the introduction week program, which it has been already started that morning. At lunch time I met the rest of the voluntaries and the coordinators of The Green Lion.  Everybody welcomed me, and we share our first meal altogether.

The house is big and comfortable, and we have nice food that is cooked here 3 times per day. We had the opportunity to try many traditional dishes, in fact, one of the activities in this first week was a cooking class, which was very nice, and we had a funny day trying all to make the best samosa dish.

Having this first week as an introduction to the culture it is an excellent starting point before volunteering, because I have learned a lot in subjects, such as: food, language, costumes, do’s and don’ts, religion, how to move in the city, etc. They also take us on tours in different places in Kathmandu, like beautiful temples, the Kathmandu University, monasteries, local market, among others.

Sharing with people from all over the world is another thing that is also part of this memorable experience that enable us to learn from each other by sharing our own experiences and comparing our different realities that we all come from.

Finally, during the weekend we had free time in what we spend it doing sightseeing in the city.  Definitely it was a great first week and I’m looking forward to starting with the next one, working in the Women Empowerment project. 😊”


Women’s Empowerment Project in Nepal


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Claudia Salazar