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Woman Empowerment

“In this second week I started my voluntary work in the project called: Women empowerment.

I had to go with another volunteer to a small library where a group of women -all of them house wives- go there 5 days per week to learn Nepali and now with our help they started to learn English from the very beginning. We had faced many challenges on t


he way, such as: not counting with all the proper tools to teach, like a white board, eraser or for example to start teaching them

the ABC itself, because, they have been mispronounced it for a long time, and at some point it is difficult to change their mindset, so we placed games and interactive class where everybody can participate and in base of repetition they started to learn it well.

All women were so enthusiastic and smart. Also, with big expectations from us! I realized that all of them are already empowered, they truly wanted to learn English to overcome and improve their current situation.

One of the organization’s member told me that they haven’t had voluntary English teacher for more than a year, so I was very  happy that me and another volunteer were together in this project to teach them from the beginning, I think we made a difference in the project and we gave them also the opportunity to learn a little bit of our countries and our culture as well.

I won’t forget, when we ask them for class feedback and they said they would like to have us for all year long! I am leaving now the project with mixed emotions but very happy for what we have done in this first week of teaching and I’m excited that another volunteer is going to continue in the project for another 2 weeks.”


Women’s Empowerment Project in Nepal

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Claudia Salazar