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Vietnam Food shop project

Minkyong on the Food shop project in Vietnam
  • Do you feel the project makes an impact in its field?

The project definitely have soft and hard impact in the food shelter in Vietnam. I have contributed to the society by physically helping them with the food shop activities such as preparing and serving the meals as well as cleaning the shop. Not only this, but interacting with the local community and with the other volunteers have help me to realize the importance of abolishing boundaries through globalization.

  • Do you feel that you have made a difference to the project?

My gain through the projects were significant. I have learned about the culture and how to build the community to share the resources and cooperate. I felt like the project made difference in me more than I have a difference to the community.

  • What challenges have you encountered?

The physical labor was refreshing as I do not encounter to have such opportunities much in daily life. I wish that I had certain culinary skills so that I can help more with the cooking. There were times that I felt like I can’t offer so much to the project.

  • Did you manage to overcome any of the challenges?

There are always different ways to contribute to the project. Eventually I learned to figure out how to be in part of the projects by asking around and helping others out. It is all in the mindset and how you see it.

  • What successes are you proud of?

I am proud that I made a decision to go on to this trip and learned to give and share.

  • Did the project meet your expectations?

Yes, the project have me an opportunity that I was expecting and I have wonderful time in Vietnam.

  • Would you recommend this project to a friend?

I already have recommended this project to my friends and they are very keen on taking the opportunity.


Food Shop Volunteer in Vietnam


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