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I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity!

Fishermen bringing in their catch


“I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to volunteer with LTO; Guinjata bay is a truly special place. The practical experience I gained, alongside the unforgettable experiences I had, made the trip so unique for me. Being part of an organization that is actually making a tangible change was hugely rewarding, not to mention the endless list of incredible people (and animals) I was working with!

The work itself is interesting, engaging and very hands on; being able to work alongside professional marine scientists was a real pull factor for me. The interaction with the community is what sets LTO apart from other similar organisations, a key criterion for implementing sustainable change is to involve local people, and this is reflected by the overwhelming willingness of locals to co-operate with the research being undertaken in Guinjata. I can’t recommend this organisation enough, for anyone who is looking for a real adventure, a fantastic environment and a few whale sharks along the way!”

Marine Conservation & Local Community Development in Mozambique

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Tom Scott